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Women in menswear is a trend that’s been around for quite some time and making it look stylish is not as hard as you might think. So once again I’m borrowing style inspo from the boys.

Growing up I didn’t get to start freely wearing pants until high school (shocking I know), but that didn’t stop me from sneaking and wearing my dad’s or brothers clothes whenever I could. The kicker, though I didn’t know it at the time, was where I got to experiment with adding menswear into my style. And here I am over 20 years later still wearing mens clothes.

I got both the denim shirt and cargo shorts from the mens section at the thrift store. You guys don’t sleep on shopping the mens section, no matter if it’s retail or resale. You might actually find a few gems.

Now more than ever, comfort is the objective when it comes to getting dressed. Like if there’s a possibility that I’ll have to suck in the mom gut all night or a chance that my feet after an hour will feel like I’ve been dancing on nails, I can’t get down with that outfit.

The cool thing about wearing menswear is I don’t have to worry about the clothes fitting too tight, yet it can still be flattering. All I’m saying is styling oversized looks has been a game changer.

Photography: Kaylin James

I Gave This Skirt Away, Now I Want It Back

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I thought I was cute the day I wore this outfit, but then…  Gather around guys and gals its short story time.

Two weeks ago, my friends and I planned to hang out to celebrate two of the lady’s upcoming birthday.  It had been awhile, and I was looking forward to seeing them.  Three days before our girl’s night out, it dawned on me - what am I going to wear?  After contemplating several options, I finally created (in my head) THE winning look. 

The day of per usual I’m running late so I didn’t really check out my outfit to make sure it was the look I was going for.    

I’m at the event enjoying my friends, living it up when the photographer grabs my attention and ask to snap a pic.  Of course!  I’m not going to pass up a good photo opt. So, I smiled for the camera. 

The next day the host shares the pic with me and to my dismay I disliked how I looked.  I immediately started judging myself, I threw shade and side-eyed my own self.  It was the skirt.  I hated how I looked in it.  I felt like it made me look dumpy and it was jacked up in the back.

As soon as I got home, I grabbed the skirt out of my closet, threw it in the bag that I was taking to Goodwill that weekend. 

Almost at the end guys, hang with me…

Ironically, I’d shot this look the weekend before the event and hadn’t gotten the pictures back.  So, I still hadn’t really gotten a good look of myself in this outfit.  As fate would have it, I dropped my donations off on Saturday and got my pictures back on Sunday.  Scrolled through each of the pictures of this look and instantly regretted giving the skirt away.  Now I want it back!

What I learned from this ordeal… I have to stop being so critical of myself. But more importantly, don’t give clothes away when I’m in my feeling!

Photography:  Kaylin James      

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A Denim On Denim Look Inspired by Style Maven Rihanna

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I have a handful of style muses whose style speaks to my creativity and Rihanna is one of them. Her style is hands down iconic. She can wear a trash bag and make it look high fashion. Today’s look is inspired by Bad girl Ri Ri.

A few years ago a picture of Rihanna hit the internet of her wearing an all denim look. I never thought to recreate that look until now. But for my rendition of the look, I decided to wear my denim top backwards.

I opted for heels (for photo opt purposes only) and this thrifted neon yellow mini messenger bag for my accessories.

Are there any celebrities whose style you absolutely love? Have you thought about recreating a look you’ve seen a celebrity wear? Drop me a line in the comments, I’m always looking for style inspiration.

Photography: Kaylin James

Why I Don't Wear Makeup

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I’m a woman in my early 40’s and I don’t wear makeup. Basically my makeup routine consists of soap, water and lotion (and a facial cleanser from time to time). The closest I come to wearing makeup is the occasional mascara when I’m hanging out (and that’s if I remember) and lipstick (mainly for photoshoots).

Not wearing makeup is not a form of silent protest, I’ve never been into it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a nicely done beat face; it’s just not my thing. Even during my highschool days when a lot of girls were, I had no desire.

Having to get up early every morning just to paint my face is no es bueno. It’s time consuming and I don’t have time nor do I want to commit that kinda time for such a routine. I’d prefer to use that time snoozing or changing my mind about my first outfit choice.

I love my natural look. I really like how I look without it. Even in a room full of women who look amazing with it on, I’m still confident without it, so it works.

My final thoughts on makeup are although I may not ever be fully into it, I do appreciate my sisters who wear it well. And while I believe that makeup is not always necessary I have dabbled in it at least 3x’s in my lifetime. The last pic is me with a full beat face by WhippedbyKiara, pc: Mecca Gamble.

How confident you are without any makeup?

Photography: Kaylin James

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Another Look From This Red Striped Shirt

This shirt owes me nothing! I’m a thrifter at heart, but from time to time I do shop retail. After a little hesitation to buy this shirt I gave in. I didn’t want to rely on the thrift gawds to gift me something similar. Glad I didn’t

I think this look is probably my favorite, maybe because I decided to leave a few of the top buttons unbuttoned (being fast). My second fave look wearing this red striped shirt is very similar to this look.

But check out the other time I wore it, like with a pair of polka dotted jeans or this red monochromed look. I also mixed it some Adidas joggers for an athleisurewear look.

How are you re-wearing some of your favorite pieces? Drop a line in the comment and let’s chat about it.

Photography: Kaylin James

Hanging Out At The Braves Clubhouse

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A few weeks ago, me and five other Atlanta influencers were invited to spend the day at the Atlanta Braves Clubhouse for a VIP Experience.  We had the most amazing time.  Not only did we get the opportunity to see some behind the scenes operations of Braves Retail, we got to play dress up and do a photoshoot (yay!) 

For years the Braves baseball team played at Turner Field, a stadium that was located in Atlanta, Ga.  In 2017 the team moved to its new location, Sun Trust Park in Cobb County.  Also, on the same property is The Battery Atlanta, entertainment central for Atlanta Braves fans. 

Before this event, I had no idea that The Battery was such a fun place to hang out, either with bae, the family or with friends.  There is plenty to do, between the restaurants, the shops and family friendly activities; you're in for a treat when you visit. 

The best part of the entire experience was visiting the Clubhouse Store for Her.  This little boutique-ish store was built with the female fan in mind.  As soon as you walk into the store you can tell that the Braves Retail team really put in a lot of thought, time and effort to ensure the best shopping experience for the female fan.  But what did it for me was that they actually had women’s wear made for a women’s body.  I mean it’s cute to wear your mans shirts from time to time, but can’t a girl have her own (I’m just saying).  And guess what you guys they cater to real women sizes from xs to plus size (Go Braves!) 

Another part of the tour that was super amazing was visiting the Braves custom shop where fans can get jersey’s custom made.  How cool is that!  Even cooler is that we were all surprised to find out that we’d be getting our own custom jersey (be on the lookout for that look on the blog soon). 

The last stop included a mini shopping spree at Dress Up boutique at The Battery where I scored a really dope denim jacket and a pair of leopard print slides that I’ve already worn a few times already.  Big shout out to Dress Up for providing each of us with some stylish (and affordable) pieces to wear for our photoshoot.  So, I knew we’d be shooting looks, I had no idea it would be in the dugout (mind blown!) 

This experience is one for the books. From start to finish, everything, including the Braves Retail team was amazing and I’m just so thankful and grateful that I was chosen for this opportunity.The next time you’re looking for something fun to do, check out The Battery Atlanta and be sure to stop by The Braves Clubhouse for Her and grab some Braves gear.

Thanks Braves Retail for having me!!!!

Transform A Basic Outfit With These 3 Key Accessories

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I’m saying it again for the people in the back… you don’t have to have or need to spend a lot of coins to look amazing. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.  Just by adding a few key pieces you can hang with the best of best fashionistas around.

Being that there are a few things you can do and wear to level up your look, today I’m highlighting three items that can turn your blah outfit into bomb. Let’s get into it…

When it comes to accessorizing my looks, one of my fave accessories to wear are sunglasses. Right behind my obsession for shoes, my love for a dope pair of sunnies is major. I could literally open a mini eye wear kiosk at the mall, I have that many pairs of sunglasses.  The other reason I’m such a fan of sunglasses is because I use them to hide the fact that I don’t wear eye makeup in 99% of my style post.  But no matter the reason wearing a cool pair of shades is a super easy way to take your look up a few notches.

Another essential accessory I use to upgrade my look is a fun handbag.  Adding a unique or statement bag has the ability to change the style vibe of your entire look.  I tend to look for bold and colorful bags.  I also go for bags that have quirky shapes and sizes or ones that have odd texture or patterns.  So, on those days when I’m going for a simple look, a funky handbag is an easy way to ensure my look is still stylish.       

The best complimentary accessory that (in my opinion) makes or breaks an outfit is the footwear.  Whenever I go to put a look together, I typically start with my shoes.  With just the right shoe choice, your ‘meh’ look can become a ‘girl you cute’ look.  Regardless of whether you’re a shoe lover or not, having a fun pair of footwear is always go good idea.    

I hope you found this post to be helpful.  Also feel free to like, comment and share! 

Photography: Kaylin James



How I Overcame My Shopping Addiction

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Hello my name is Melodie and I am addicted to shopping… Or at least I use to be.

Last year, a few months before our vow renewal, packages were arriving at our door step almost every day. After about the 7th package my husband put his foot down and told me to stop shopping. I was devastated! How was I going to resist not being able to buy all the cute clothes, shoes and accessories that caught my eye.

Although the Mr put a halt to my mini (and frequent) shopping sprees, it was only temporary; just until we got through our renewal in January. Going on an (involuntary) shopping fast was a huge eye opener. No more impulse buying. No more buying because the deal is to good to pass up. And as painful as it was (at first) I really needed it. It forced me to actually wear the old and new things already in my closet. Also after about a month I noticed a few extra coins sitting in my account since I wasn’t spending money on things I didn’t even need.

During my no shopping period I learned a few things…

-      I shopped out of FOMO (fear of missing out).  I felt that if I didn’t get the item then I’d miss out on it forever – especially if the item was on sale.

-      I shopped because I was bored and had the money to spend.

-      I shopped if I was in a bad mood or a good mood. Shopping was a mood!

-      I shopped if I saw another style influencer with something I wanted.

-      I shopped just because.

Realizing that I have plenty of clothes in my closet and understanding that I didn’t need to buy every single item I saw was major. Truth be told most of the stuff I was buying I wasn’t immediately wearing anyway (I mean I still have items I’ve never worn from two and three years ago - sad right). This is why I’m on my Shop Your Closet journey. Not only am I saving money, I’m rediscovering different ways to wear a few of my fave pieces. Aaannnddd, I know longer have to deal with buyer’s remorse - the sense of regret after having made a purchase.

Nowadays I’m learning to be more intentional about how I spend my money. The level of discipline I’ve achieved has been quite rewarding. However for you that may still struggle with excessive shopping or overspending you’re not alone. If I’m being honestly I still have moments when I fight (mentally) against the urge to shop (I’ve lost a few times). And though I’ve not quit shopping entirely, I’ve curtailed it a lot. 

If you want to cut down on shopping so much, let me share with you a few steps I’ve taken to help me maintain the need to shop, shop, shop.

-       Don’t buy it the first time you see something.  Wait at least two weeks or more and if after waiting a few weeks you still feel the same way about the item and it’s in your budget - buy it.

-        Ask yourself do I really need this item.  Do I have something similar already that works?

-        Shop your own closet. Look for ways to re-wear items you already have.

-        Organize your closet so that it’s easier for you to see what you have. Get rid of old things that make you feel like you ‘need’ to go shopping.

These are just a few things I’ve done over the last few months to keep me from falling off the shopping wagon. I hope you found this (long) post valuable. Drop a line in the comments and let me know.

Photography: Kaylin James



Wearing Shades Of The Same Color

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(In my rap voice) Oh my gosh, back at it again (Woo)!  I’m wearing different hues of the same color again (Woo-Woo).  Guys, in my head I can hang with the best rappers, but in reality, I’m asking my daughter what the heck are they saying.  That part makes me feel old.

Anywho, today’s look has nothing to do with rapping and everything to do with styling different shades of the same color.  Even though I’ve done the monochrome thing a few times before (like this neon outfit) this time around I built my outfit around shades of pink. Now I know this look isn’t 100% monochrome, yet it still works.

For this look, I keep it rather simple.  I paired this bubblegum pink blazer with this pink lemonade pleated skirt and white tshirt (btw, if you haven’t already, you should check out my last few style posts where I’ve worn the illustrious white tee).

When it came to deciding which shoe to wear, I could have gone with a few different options, but chose this cute mini block heeled floral sandal instead.  Now I’m ready for a bunch invite.   

Photography:  Kaylin James



A Simple Spring Weekend Outfit That Still Looks Put Together

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Don’t cha just love short weeks, they get you right back to the weekend a lot sooner, right?

When it comes to weekend wear, most of us (yes me too) tend to lean towards comfort and ease, especially if you’ve been in work attire all week. There have been time when my weekend getup at some point consisted of a not so impressive top and bottom combo. But what if you can combine comfort and ease with style? I’m here to tell you ma’am (or sir), it’s absolutely possible.

Enter this super easy and simple causal weekend look. It only took 5 pieces to create this look, but what makes it stylish is the character that each piece offers.

For starters we have the white t-shirt. I cannot stress this enough; you NEED a white tee in your wardrobe. Nothing beats the style and versatility of the white t-shirt. I opted for my favorite pair of distressed black denim shorts, but any fun pair of shorts will do.

Now you already know how much I love a good ol blazer, so this lightweight leopard print blazer was just what this look needed to give this causal look a bit of edge. Blazers are awesome in that they create a level of fashion-forwardness that you, your momma and your cousin could surely pull off. As for accessories, I chose these orange polka dotted mules and black patent mini crossbody.

You don’t have to have a lot of money or clothes to look great nor do you have to dress to the gawds in order to look put together. Take some time to really look at what’s in your closet and challenge yourself to pair pieces together that you might not have ever thought of before. You’d be surprised what you come up with.

Until next time…

Photography: Kaylin James



Style Tip: Ditch The Heels For Sneakers

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There’s a quote floating around the internet that says - “Chase your dreams… in high heels of course.” Girl please, from now on, I’m chasing my dreams in comfortable shoes.

It seems that within the few months leading up to my 40th birthday last year my desire to wear heels has dwindled drastically. Strangely enough I can’t even tell you why. What’s funny is that growing up I was a tomboy and avoided heels like the plague. Then one day I was all girly and heels were my bestie. Now-a-days I rarely wear them.

Pairing sneakers with dresses, skirts or suits is all the rave now, although it’s not a trend that hasn’t been seen before.  However wearing the right sneakers can definitely make a statement.  In fact, Serena Williams worn sneakers to the Met Gala and I don’t blame her.  It’s just proof that comfort and style can go hand in hand.

I won’t go as far as to say that sneakers are the new heels, but if the shoe fits (is that lame or what). While I’m not trying to turn you into a sneakerhead, having a pair or two of stylish and fashionable sneakers is worth it and your feet will thank you. So the next time you get dressed, think about giving your look a different vibe by featuring a cute sneaker.   

Photography: Kaylin James



Dressing Down A Sequin Skirt With The Classic White T-Shirt

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Fashion is not about having thousands of outfits in your closet. It’s about making the most of what you already have. That includes mixing and matching things together that you’ve never thought to wear together before.  The goal is to get creative with your existing wardrobe. 

With trends coming and going, there’s one staple piece that remains a constant.  The white t-shirt!  It’s the easiest and simplest piece that every woman should own.  It can be paired with a million different fashion-forward looks.  So basically what I’m saying is that if you can pull off the white t-shirt with a pair of jeans, you can certainly pull it off with a sequin skirt.

What I like most about this skirt is the array of colors.  And with so many colors to choose from, I could really pair this skirt with a number of colored top options.  Yet for this look I opted for a plain white v-neck tee giving this look a more casual chic vibe, plus I half-tucked the shirt to give shape to my waist line.  To complete the look I decided these clear heels (that I hated at first) was the shoe to wear.

The moral of this post is that the basic white t-shirt is easy, comfortable and adaptable.  It’s one of the more versatile staple pieces: it dresses up, it dresses down, and it’s the blank canvas around which you can you build almost any outfit.  Btw, if you don’t have a white t-shirt… Get one!

P.S. check out the other way I styled this sequin skirt >>> HERE

Photography: Kaylin James