Why I Don't Wear Makeup

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I’m a woman in my early 40’s and I don’t wear makeup. Basically my makeup routine consists of soap, water and lotion (and a facial cleanser from time to time). The closest I come to wearing makeup is the occasional mascara when I’m hanging out (and that’s if I remember) and lipstick (mainly for photoshoots).

Not wearing makeup is not a form of silent protest, I’ve never been into it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a nicely done beat face; it’s just not my thing. Even during my highschool days when a lot of girls were, I had no desire.

Having to get up early every morning just to paint my face is no es bueno. It’s time consuming and I don’t have time nor do I want to commit that kinda time for such a routine. I’d prefer to use that time snoozing or changing my mind about my first outfit choice.

I love my natural look. I really like how I look without it. Even in a room full of women who look amazing with it on, I’m still confident without it, so it works.

My final thoughts on makeup are although I may not ever be fully into it, I do appreciate my sisters who wear it well. And while I believe that makeup is not always necessary I have dabbled in it at least 3x’s in my lifetime. The last pic is me with a full beat face by WhippedbyKiara, pc: Mecca Gamble.

How confident you are without any makeup?

Photography: Kaylin James

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An Open Letter To My Mom and Sisters

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Becoming a mom at 17 grew me up real quick. Never in a million years did I think getting pregnant at such a young age would have happened to me, but it did. Thinking that my life was heading down the drain, there was one person in my corner rooting me on and forcing me to keep moving forward. That person was my mom (and she’s still in my corner cheering me on). For that reason, I’m forever grateful to this wonderful women. So mom this is for you.

Dear mom, I love you sooooooo much! I can’t even imagine how my life would be without you or how it would have turned out if not for you, your prayers and God. Thanks for being an example of a great mom and wife. Thanks for not giving up on me when I wanted to give up on myself. Also thanks for not letting me ruin my life when I tried everything in my power to do so. Although I’ve apologized many times before, I’m still apologizing for all the pain and trouble I caused you growing up. I now know that all you wanted was the best for me. Mom you’re an amazing women and I appreciate you. Because of you I’m a better wife and mom and for that I celebrate you on Mother’s day and every other day you’re my mom. xoxo

To my young sisters, even though I might not tell you as much as I should I love you both. Writing this post I’m reminded of that one time when Shawn you ironed a pair of my shorts, burned them and put them back in my drawer like I wasn’t going to notice it. Jen, I remember when you use to cry so hard that you’d pass out. Watching you two grow up, becoming somebody’s wife and mother (which I still can’t believe Jen is a mom) is a wonderful thing. I’m actually proud of you which is why I wouldn’t trade you guys for any other sisters. I’m just so lucky to have you guys as my siblings. My prayer for you both is that you continue to grow and be awesome because whether you know it or not I’m rooting for you to chase your dreams and to do big things.

All in all I love you guys and I’m wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Photography: Kaylin James

On The Road With Mitsubishi, Top Atlanta Blogger, Atlanta Stylist, 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander

I can’t imagine living in Atlanta and not having my own vehicle.  When I’m ready to get going, I like being able to grab my keys and go. Driving in or around the city takes lots of patience and although I can’t say that I love driving, having reliable transportation that is stylish and spacious makes navigating these Atlanta streets just a little bit better. Enter the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL.

At first glance my original thought was - Oh! This is cute, until I opened the door.  This SUV has all the bells and whistles that makes driving a breeze.  From the LED Auto High Beam Headlights (that you don’t even have to worry about turning on, it’s automatically done for you) to the Backup Camera System (to see what’s behind you when backing up). Not only was I impressed, I was super excited to take this baby on the road.   

Now that Georgia is a hands-free state, I wasted no time syncing my phone to the Outlander’s Smartphone Link Display.  This feature made it easy for me to stay connected with my family or friend’s without breaking any laws.  For those moments when I wasn’t chatting it up,  I jammed to my favorite songs by accessing the music app on my phone over Bluetooth, all at the tap of my finger.

The most impressive aspect was how roomy it is on the inside.  I was surprised at how much space there was for my husband to ride comfortably.  At 6’ 2” my husband needs all the leg room he can get.  It even proved roomy enough for me to change outfits in the back seat during my last photo session.  And to show how versatile the 2019 Outlander is, the third-row seating makes for even more space for up to 7 passengers or for additional cargo space.

My favorite feature of all was the Blind Spot Warning and Lane Change Assist.  The alert you get when a vehicle is near by is the coolest thing ever.  With the warning lights and alerts you get while driving, I love that this feature is designed to make sure that you and your family arrive to your destination safely.

Over all my driving experience with the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL was awesome.  I just hate that I had to give “Blue” back (I named her, is that weird?)   

Photography: Morgan Hayes

DISCLAIMER: This post was created in partnership with Mitsubishi Cars. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who help make possible!

What I've Learned After 10 Years Of Marriage + Vow Renewal Recap

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What better day than today to share a recap of our vow renewal. 10 years ago on January 10, 2009 I literally married my best friend. And guys, it still amazes me that even after 10 + years in, I’m beyond happily married.

Over the past decade we’ve been through A LOT and yet through it all we still really dig each other. But don’t get it twisted, staying together this long nowadays requires more than love. It entails work and being intentional.

For me the biggest lesson I’ve learned is not to make mountains out of mole hills. I mean so what he doesn’t put the toilet seat down after he uses the restroom. It cost me nothing to just put the seat down and pee. I’m sure there’s some things that I do that gets under his skin.

As Robert’s wife, it’s very important to me that he knows I’m his #1 fan and biggest cheerleader. Which is why I will never tear him down in his face nor behind his back. After God, he’s my first priority.

Another good lesson I’ve learned over time was to learn and love my husband in his love language. Hub’s primary love language is physical touch, followed closely by “acts of service.” Understanding this shows him how much I love him, because we all know actions speak louder than words - right?

If I had to name a key factor in what keeps our marriage running, I’d have to say sex! Yes guys, lots of sex. If you don’t take anything else away from this post, as a marriage couple you should never underestimate the importance of sexual intimacy. This is hubs favorite part of our marriage.

Speaking of hubs, when I asked him what his biggest lesson learned was he said - “I learned not to argue with you and to say, You’re right baby.”

Outfit details:

Hubs: Jacket - Macy’s / Pants - old / Shirt - Men’s store in Stonecrest Mall / Shoes - D & K Men’s store

My look: Top - Bodysuit, Asos / Botton - Custom made by designer Nicci Hou / Shoes - Betsy Johnson

Photography: Kaylin James & Kay Hillman // Videography: Howell Designs

3 Things I Plan To Do Differently In 2019

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Photography: Kaylin James

It’s the last day of January and I’m feeling pret-ty good. Crossing over into the new year, I didn’t write up a list of resolutions that I probably wasn’t going to accomplish anyway. Instead, I decided to re-evaluate my current status and look for areas of opportunities to improve on.

Last year when I attended Werk Pray Slay, a women’s empowerment conference, hosted by Koereyelle, I had the opportunity to interview her afterwards. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. Of all the questions that I asked Koe, one particular answer struck a cord with me…

MS: What’s your biggest piece of advice you have for female entrepreneurs?

Koe: Know what you want.  In order to chase your dreams/visions you have to know yourself enough to know what you want.

Ever since, I’ve been on a mission to re-discover what DOI want. The answer >>> I want to elevate myself - personally and professionally. Meaning I’ll be removing people, places and things out of my life that aren’t doing me any good and replacing it with all the people, places and things that will help me improve myself. Although there are more than three things I could do differently, here are three areas I plan to start with first:


My mind runs a mile a minute. I’m constantly thinking of just about everything, from bills and family to my blog and brand. Getting focused is a struggle let me tell you. But this year I’m honing in on how to eliminate distractions so that I can focus on what matters. Another struggle for me and maybe one of my biggest obstacles is procrastination. This thorn in my side has caused me much frustration. Because my mind is always in overdrive I’m either not starting or starting something and not finishing. However, what I’m learning to do is identify and prioritize what deserves my attention and then dedicate time to focus on completing the task.

Other tricks I hope will work is doing one thing at a time or completely unplugging for a bit in order to re-set then start again.


THIS! There was once a time I prayed and studied my bible everyday. Nowadays, not so much. Being a pew baby, sometimes I feel bad for missing out on my prayer and study time. While I can offer up a 1000 excuses (and some may even be legit), there isn’t any excuse good enough for not giving the Father his time. Although I haven’t come up with an effective method for incorporating this special time with the Lord into my daily living, I am focusing on taking this journey one day at a time.


I’ll admit, social media has been the devil for me at times. Scrolling down Facebook and Instagram taking in all these beautifully curated squares showcasing “the life”, I started to question my own existence (okay maybe that’s a bit much, but you get what I’m saying). Seriously though, I understand how it seems when you’ve been grinding harder than Ginuwine in the ‘Pony’ video only to feel like someone who’s younger, taller, prettier, smarter, faster or richer is getting all the opportunities you’ve been dreaming and praying for. At times it has made me doubt my own gifts and talents.

But guys, the pity party is over. No more feeling sorry for myself. From now on, I’m betting on myself. I’m choosing myself. Once I realized I was standing in my own way, I moved. I became my biggest fan, routing myself on. Even in fear, I’m still betting on myself. I’m giving myself a chance to win and win big. Even understanding that I may not always win, I’ll still bet on myself.

Before I get outta here, I want to leave this with you…. ‘While there may always be someone who can do “it” better than you, you cannot allow that to keep you from doing what you know you’re good at. That’s why there are different restaurants, different malls, different cars, different cell phone providers your market is tailor-made for you. Be encouraged not to give up and no matter what stay focused on your assignment.



I Accidentally Took The Week Off Of Social Media

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Hello, my name is Melodie and I’m addicted to social media, Instagram to be precise. They say the first step to overcoming an addiction is to first admit you have a problem and then to seek treatment.

As much as I might pretend that I’m unbothered whenever I’m scrolling down my IG feed, the lie detector determine I wasn’t being totally truthful. Social media whether you think so or not can make you feel inadequate and if you’re not careful you might even question your entire existence. Okay so maybe that’s a little farfetched, but you get my drift.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is wonderful.  It’s a great platform to express yourself and to showcase to the world your gifts, talents and skills.  It has also allowed careers to take off, unimaginable opportunities have been received, even a few people have met the love of their lives via social.  But at what point is enough, enough?

If you would’ve told me 4 years ago when I posted my first IG pic that I’d get sucked into this endless portal of follows, likes and comments, I would have rolled my eyes and laughed at you.  Little did I know….  I had it so bad that my phone was the first thing I reached for in the morning.  Not to check the time or the weather, but to see what I missed on IG and FB.  Sad! 

 When I say I accidentally took a week off from social, it was more on purpose than I realized.  I’d gotten overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the analytics, making sure I was consistent (because consistency is king, right) and other people’s IG version of success.  I’m being honest here.  I couldn’t take it, so I decided I wasn’t going to post until I felt like it.

In recent years I’ve come to realized that I’d been subconsciously comparing my life with a bunch of square pictures that have been perfectly curated to appear that life is cotton candy and unicorns.  Which is why taking a break was so needed.  And going forward I’ll be making a conscience effort to step away more often.  The goal will be to detach myself from unrealistic or untimely expectations of myself.  To stay focused on my own goals and to make the most of my time.  The main reason is to break the cycle of comparing my chapter 15 to someone else’s chapter 32. 

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend scrolling down IG or FB?  Your phone has (or should have) the capability to tell you which app you use the most and depending on the type of phone you have can tell you the average amount of time you spend on the app. My phone tells me I spend a lot of time on the gram with Facebook right on it’s heels.

What say ye?  Are you guilty of falling into the the social trap? Could you challenge yourself to detox from social media?  For me it was a week; but next time it may be a month. Let me know in the comments. 

Photography: Kaylin James



Mommy Makeover Contest Winner || Recap

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Today I'm excited to introduce you to Carolyn Abuajah, the mom who won my Mother's Day Mommy Makeover Giveaway.  Prizes included a professional style session from The Style Kläzit, hair styling (worth up to a $100 service) by Colour Personal Hairstyling Service, an outfit (worth up to $200) from Back By Popular Demand, makeup session (worth up to $85) from The Glamatory Makeup store and a photoshoot (worth up to $75) by my awesome photographer KVisuals to capture the moment.  And someone heard about what I was doing and sponsored a massage session.   

One of the nomination requirements included providing a reason why the nominee should win the contest.  Carolyn's reasoning touched my heart and was part of the main reason why she was selected to win the makeover.  Not only is she a single mother, she's a medical student.  How admirable is that?!  

It wasn't until after meeting with Carolyn that she shared a little bit more about her journey.  During the style session I was asking her about her current wardrobe and that led to her telling me how she lost almost everything she had during Hurricane Maria. The hurricane destroyed her home, school and ultimately the entire country of Dominica. 

Carolyn and her son didn't get evacuated until 4 days after the natural disaster hit, so you can only imagine the struggle she had to endure to maintain and survive. By the time she and her son got rescued, the only items she had were their passports, her laptop, cell phone and a few clothing items.

The school relocated to a boat docked off the shore of St. Kitts and with the option to either sit the semester out or finish it; she choose to finish out the semester (and live) on the boat.  She's currently working diligently to become a physician so that she can give back to the community.  Her son being her fuel, she's determined to accomplish her goal. Congratulations Carolyn!

 *Due to the weather the day of the shoot, Carolyn decided on a hair unit instead of the style from Colour. 

The style klazit, mommy makeover winner, atlanta personal stylist
The style klazit, mommy makeover winner, atlanta personal stylist
The style klazit, mommy makeover winner, atlanta personal stylist
The style klazit, mommy makeover winner, atlanta personal stylist
The style klazit, mommy makeover winner, atlanta personal stylist
The style klazit, mommy makeover winner, atlanta personal stylist
The style klazit, mommy makeover winner, atlanta personal stylist
The style klazit, mommy makeover winner, atlanta personal stylist


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How Turning 40 Made Me Realize I Wasn't A Failure

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Recently I turned 40 and I'm wearing it like a badge of honor, a rite of passage if you will.  I'm really amazed at how well I handling being this age.  Even though it's only been a month and some change, I never would have thought that after 4 decades of life I'd feel this good about life.

Becoming a mother at 17 I thought my life was over.  I'd become the static that I'd looked down on and for me all plans of being an ER Nurse was out the window.  Life wasn't good guys.  Or at least that's what I thought.  My mom (who is the sweetest person you'll ever meet) wouldn't allow me to wallow in self pity.  She found a program for pregnant teens, which allowed me the opportunity to finish high school on time.  That was the small boost of confidence I needed to buckle up for the rough road ahead. Life wasn't completely over.  I could actually rise above my situation and win after all!

One of the scariest things in life (especially my teenage life) was having a real live person who depended on me to provide for them, yet I knew it was up to me to do everything in my power to succeed in life.  After graduating highschool and getting accepted into college, I just knew that things would work out.  Short story even shorter... I didn't finish college.  Not for lack of trying or even finances.  Being a single mom working and trying to go to nursing school wasn't easy.  It got to a point where I had to choose between work (to support me and my daughter)  or clinicals (which ranged from day, evening and night shifts).  Work won and I guess I just gave up or maybe it just wasn't in the cards for me (shrugs shoulders).

Once the dream of becoming a nurse faded away, my next feat was just to get a better job so that I could move out of my mom's house (I couldn't be the queen living in her castle).  Getting a "better job" was the nail in the coffin for having a nursing career.  I never went back to school.  And after working a few pay check to pay check jobs, I finally ended up at my current job, where I've been for almost 13 years.... (insert blank stare)

Not being able to finish college and proving the stat's of being a black teen mom right was depressing.  Having to come to the realization that I was probably going to have to work on somebody's job making them millions why I struggled to live angered and further depressed me.  I felt like a failure.  Why couldn't I be one of the one's to get preggers and still end up with the degree?  I wanted to be a success story.

My 30's was my lowest point (mentally & emotionally).  I was consistently battling low-self esteem and depression (and social media didn't make things better).  It appeared that all the grass around me was greener and no matter what I did, I just couldn't get my grass to look that green.  Man I was messed up.  Yet once I hit the 40 year mark something changed.  My mindset has completely done a 360.  My outlook on life now has me appreciating how well I've prepared, planted, watered, grown and maintained my own grass over these last few years.  I've accomplished quite a bit that I would have never thought possible.  How dare I look at myself as a failure!!!  I once read a quote that said - "Success is not built on success.  It's built on frustration.  Sometimes it's built on catastrophe."  Now let that settle in.  I'm about to make some major changes in my life and I'm super excited for what's ahead.

And just in case you need a little encouragement, check out all these people who didn't "catch a break" until after 40... KFC Founder "Colonel" Harland Sanders (you REALLY need to read his story, so encouraging) || Fashion Designer Vera Wang || Martha Stewart || Actress Leslie Jones || Actor Samuel L. Jackson || Actress Octavia Spencer just to name a few.

For those who only came for the outfit info... I'm wearing this super cute double breast striped blazer from Target (worn HERE).  I would size down, it fits oversize if you have smaller shoulders.  My top is thrifted, but you can put any graphic T-shirt with this look and still rock out.  This pocketed gingham skirt is also thrifted, however, Forever 21 offers this peplum gingham skirt or this bow-front knee length gingham skirt is really cute to.  This ruffle gingham, also from Forever 21 is banging.  Lastly the color contrasted sneakers are from Zara was the icing on the cake for this look.  

I know this post was lengthy.  I blame my blabber mouth on being 40.  Anywho, let's talk in the comments.  Are you over 40?  How was it for you after you made it over the hill?

Photography: K Visuals 

Style after 40, Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist
Style after 40, Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist
Style after 40, Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist
Style after 40, Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist
Style after 40, Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist
Style after 40, Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist


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It Took Me 40 Years To Stop Being Scared To LIVE!!!

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Turning 40 (this past May 5th) isn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Like most kids, I thought my parents at 40 were super old and I definitely didn't want to be old.  And now that I'm officially the big four-oh, I am absolutely grateful to have made it to see this age.  At one point in my life I didn't even think I'd make it to 21.  

Although I didn't have a rough or horrible childhood, growing up wasn't fun.  My parents raised me in church and that was pretty much all we did.  And when I had my first child at 17 my view point on life was bleak.  I just knew that there was no way that I'd do any good or that any good would come to me. 

I did attempt college, but that didn't work out.  I attempted a style business with my sister, that didn't pan out either.  It seemed that everything I tried to do to prove to myself and the world that I wasn't a failure, failed.  Can I say my twenties was the roughest part of my life!  Here I was a single mom with only a high school education trying to make something of myself. 

Being the "church girl" that I was, there was a lot of things I couldn't or wasn't suppose to do.  I grew up with a lot of "can't do's".  Don't worry, I won't bore you with all childhood woe's.  I'm just saying that not being able to do half of what my peers were doing made me dislike my life and kinda got me to a point where I was scared to even desire anything worthwhile out of life.  

My barber and I were talking the other day and although I don't quite remember the exact question he asked me, my response was that I didn't really start to enjoy life until after I got married.  Without a doubt, I know God created my husband just for me.  And to think, I never wanted to get married.  Btw, check out my post where I talk about my whole no marriage vow.  

I accredit my husband for reigniting my passion for life.  His view point on life is amazing.  He's one of those jump first fear later type of people.  Where as I'm a look twice before you leap type of girl.  Once I hit my thirties and I hadn't accomplished or achieved societies so call standards I was sorta bombed.  But that man of mine taught me to live again. 

At this point, I now understand that I only have myself to compete against.  And that being 40 and not having it all together is perfectly okay.   One last thing I want to leave you with is........

I'm about to slay 40!!! 

Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist, floral dress street style
Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist, floral dress street style
Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist, floral dress street style
Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist, floral dress street style
Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist, floral dress street style
Top Atlanta blogger, Atlanta Personal Stylist, floral dress street style

Floral Dress -- H&M // Shoes -- Asos // Bag -- Event Vendor

Photography: KVisuals


I Married The Man I Never Wanted

Black Married Couples, Black Love, Black and Happily Married

For some women getting married is a goal.  Because nobody wants to be alone right?  Then you have those women who could care less about becoming a Mrs. Bae.  That was me.  As a young girl, I never saw a marriage that made me what to get married.  Also the handful of relationships that I'd been in didn't help my feelings towards marriage either.  And because of that, my plan was to get rich and travel the world.  Truth be told, I didn't want kids either.  But such is life...

Growing up in church I've heard a lot of scriptures, yet, there was one bible passage that really stuck with me.  Habakkuk 2:2-3 where it talks about writing the vision and making it plain.  I can't really say that I believed that writing down my thoughts, dreams and goals would actually manifest, but it was worth a try.  

Well, one day I got this wild idea to write down my vision of "the perfect husband."  I was in my early 20's and still had no desire to get married.  BUT just in case, I didn't want to take any chances.  Plus I needed God to know what I wanted if it were to happen.  Grabbing a sheet of notebook paper and a pencil (I used pencil in the event I needed change things up a bit),  I got to writing.  After listing all my wants and desires for a man I never thought I'd marry, I realized I filled up the entire page. 

Guys, I was super specific in my description.  Starting with his physical attributes, he had to be 6 feet or taller (the Mr. is 6'2''), he had to have a nice grade of hair (and he does), he had to be fair skinned or lighter with a nice physique (check and check).  His personality and characteristics included having street smart and book smart with a hint of thuggery (he has the perfect mixture of all 3).  Few people know how silly I am and that I'll laugh at the dumbest things; It was important to me to have someone who could make me laugh and also laugh at my silly corny antics (we have the best time laughing with and at each other).  

Okay so I'm not going to go down the entire list, but I think you get the picture.  Except for maybe 2 or 3 insignificant desires, Robert Stewart is exactly who I envisioned for my husband.  Some days I still can't believe that God thought enough of me to bless me with vision.  I can't believe we are almost 10 years in.  Pregnant (with his baby)  and broke, we got married on Jan. 10, 2009.  Honestly, I think he got me pregnant just so I'd marry him (although he'll argue differently). 

I'm not sure why I decided to write this type of post, but I hope it inspires and encourage someone somewhere to write the vision, make it so clear that your fears and inhibitions become irrelevant.  Also I challenge you to create either a vision board or a vision journal.  It's a powerful tool to help manifest your life desires. 

Trust that God is concerned about what you are concerned about and He does care!!!  Last thing and I'm done, promise.  Next January, we will be renewing our wedding vows.  I'm super excited since our first wedding was cheap and thrown together (but that's another story for another day).    

Black Married Couples, Black Love, Black and Happily Married

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A Mother's Day Mommy Makeover Giveaway

Mother's Day Mommy Makeover Giveaway

Can I be honest?  I never wanted kids...  I barely wanted to get married.  My life's dream (or goal) was to graduate high school become either an Travel or ER nurse, see the world and just do me.  Yet that dream went out the door when, at 17, I got preggers.  Needless to say I was devastated.  The way I saw it, my world was over.  On the bright side, I was blessed with a cute little girl who, at times, gets on my last nerve.  But she has my heart.  

Mommy Make Over Giveaway, Top Atlanta blogger

Being a mother is hard, even harder is doing alone.  13 years I went at it solo dolo.  But let me also add that I was fortunate enough to have my family and my daughter's fathers side to help make the job a little easier.  Nonetheless it was still hard. 

It's easy to neglect taking care of yourself, especially when you're constantly pouring yourself into motherhood and life.  At the end of the day we're spent.  Some mothers barely have enough energy for self-care.  Correction most of us don't have the money or time to treat our self. Believe me, I've been there.

So here's where I come in!  Since Mother's day is around the corner,  my sponsors and I would like to treat a deserving single mom to a Mommy Makeover.   


I am looking for one single mom that needs a little pampering.  You can nominate yourself, your sister, mom, BFF or any special mom in your life to receive a complete makeover including professional styling (worth up to $300) by your's truly Melodie of The Style Kläzit, hairstyling (worth up to a $100 service) by Colour Personal Hairstyling Service, an outfit (worth up to $200) from Back By Popular Demand, makeup application (worth up to $85) from The Glamatory Makeup Bar and a photoshoot (worth up to $75) byt my awesome photographer KVisuals to capture the moment.  That's over $750 worth of prizes and services!


Complete the nomination form for yourself or a special mother in your life.  Follow me on instagram - @thestyleklazit or LIKE my Facebook page - The Style Klazit in order to keep up with the latest news regarding the giveaway and for the announcement of the winner.  Clink button below to enter.

The contest will run from Friday, April 6th - Sunday, May 6th ||  The Winner will be announced on Mother's day - May 13th

***Open to residents of the Metro Atlanta area. ***One nomination per person.  

My #OOTD To My First Friendsgiving

Atlanta Style blogger, Top Style blogger, Black style blogger

Thanksgiving may be over, however I'm still giving thanks.  Since setting out on this blogging journey I've met a number of people who have taught me quite a bit about the power of community.  You need a community of people who will uplift you and help you to become the best you possible.  

Atlanta Style blogger, Top Style blogger, Black style blogger

When I started blogging I had no idea it would turn into something that I surprisingly enjoy doing.  Neither could I have imagined that blogging would force me to befriend complete strangers.  It's kinda ironic because while I'm not shy, I normally don't engage or initiate conversations with people I don't know.  

So when Chanel of Chanel Moving Forward invited me to attend her Friendsgiving with a few other Atlanta's bloggers earlier this month I was excited, then anxious and then I went into full panic mode!!!  My panic mode was triggered when I realized I was going to have to bring a dish.  Man, let me tell you, I will do almost anything not to have to cook.  Cooking is my least favorite thing to do (in the world).  Long story short, I ended up bringing greek chicken salad from Publix which, btw, was delicious.  Getting to mix, mingle and eat with these awesome ladies was wonderful.  

Okay now about my outfit of choice.  Anytime I go somewhere, the goal is to make a lasting impression and we all know that the first impression is lasting.  That's why my get-up needed to be on point.  And on point it was (yes, I just tooted my own horn).  I built my look around this mauve colored faux fur vest which I thrifted, but this one is pretty darn close.  To make the look a little interesting, I wore this H&M Embroidered Sleeve Shirt and oxblood cropped pants that I've had for a while, but these cigarette pants from Asos would absolutely work.  Now if you'll bring your attention to my foot work, you see peeking through are a really dope-a-licious pair of socks paired with one of my favorite pair of platform oxfords (similar here) from ShoeDazzle.  My choice of accessories (hat, glasses and mini handbag) brought the entire look together.  Sidenote, don't under estimate the power of accessories.  

Alright kläzit lovers I hope this look brings you lots of inspiration and let's make today grrrrreat!!!

Atlanta Style blogger, Top Style blogger, Black style blogger
Atlanta Style blogger, Top Style blogger, Black style blogger
Atlanta Style blogger, Top Style blogger, Black style blogger
Atlanta Style blogger, Top Style blogger, Black style blogger
Chanel:  Chanel Moving Forward , Claire:  Casual Claire , Shannon:  Mom Without Labels , Sherri:  Rage Against the Mom Jean , Ashley:  House of Dorough , Loren:  Lo Chandler , Candace:  Can1Love , Amanda:  Foxy Twine , Jenna:  Just a Touch Too Much , Cait:  Cait’s Cozy Corner , Faith:  The Articles of Faith , Helen:  Hel on Heels , Kira:  Kira-Marie , Jordan:  Jordan Berecz , Jessica:  Dusang Exchange , Sarah:  Pretty Little Lists , Mireille:  City Peach , Patty:  Life of a Minister Mom , Elise:  Belle Meets World

Chanel: Chanel Moving Forward, Claire: Casual Claire, Shannon: Mom Without Labels, Sherri: Rage Against the Mom Jean, Ashley: House of Dorough, Loren: Lo Chandler, Candace: Can1Love, Amanda: Foxy Twine, Jenna: Just a Touch Too Much, Cait: Cait’s Cozy Corner, Faith: The Articles of Faith, Helen: Hel on Heels, Kira: Kira-Marie, Jordan: Jordan Berecz, Jessica: Dusang Exchange, Sarah: Pretty Little Lists, Mireille: City Peach, Patty: Life of a Minister Mom, Elise: Belle Meets World

Faux Fur Vest -- Thrifted // Shirt -- H&M // Pants -- Forever 21 (old) // Shoes -- ShoeDazzle (another option) // Socks -- Forever 21 (old) // Handbag -- Event Vendor // Hat -- Forever 21 (old) 

Photo Cred: K Visuals / Blogger PC: morganhayesphotography

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