Top 10 Looks Of 2017 + Year In Review

Top 10 Looks Of 2017, Year In Review, Atlanta Blogger

Oh Mm Geeee!  We made it!!!  It's officially the New Year.  And guys, I'm so excited for all the bombtastic opportunities that are coming for me this year.  Am I aware of all these opp's - No, but I'm ready.  2017 was a year of planning, foundation building, consistency and growth.  I cannot believe how far my blog has come since publishing my first (real) blog post (HERE) in 2014.  It's unbelievable that I've shared with you style lovers 90 blogs posts in 2017, considering I don't like writing.  

Last year was quite the year.  Besides attending and covering a few fashion events, here are some highlights of the year.   I hosted my first KlΓ€zit Raid and just in case you were wondering, the first blogger shopping party was almost a disaster, almost.  Highlight #2 of 2017 was starring in my first visual lookbook.  Be on the lookout for at least two more this year.  Let's not forget the funniest (you'd think embarrassing) part of last year, when I got caught in my birthday suit at a public function all because hubs wanted to see me in something fitted.  Not having a long list of friends, I was invited to my first friendsgiving hosted by Chanel Van Reenen of Chanel Moving Forward.  It was a very eye opening experience and I loved every minute of it.  Winning the title of "most unexpected" of the year was becoming a grandmother!  Earlier this year I shared "11 Things You Didn't Know About Me", it will explain the whole grandmother thing.  2018 is the year to see how all the foundation laying in 2017 will pay off.  

Blogging has really taught me A LOT about myself.  It's probably the main reason why I've ventured so far from the safe walls of my comfort zone.  I can't Thank YOU, the people who read my blog, follow and support me on social and rooted for my success, enough.  You guys are Ah-Mazzzz-Ing, absolute MVP's!  I keep saying it, 2018 is THE YEAR for The Style KlΓ€zit brand.  Don't believe me, just watch - wink!

And Nowwwwwww...... 2017's Top 10 Outfits

New Years Eve: Tuxedo Shirt + Sequin Leggings

Sequin Skirt + Black Booties

Polka Dots + Windowpane Print

Red Thigh High Boots + I Wore My Shirt Backwards, Again!

Cobalt Blue Trench, Marvel Comic Tee, Distressed Jeans

That Time The Event Decorator Caught Me Naked

Same Fatigue Pants, 7 Different Ways

Polka Dots + Stripes / Holiday Lookbook - Style 5

Bright Yellow Sweater + Silver Pleated Skirt Holiday Look

What To Wear: New Years Eve Outfit Inspo

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