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Wearing Track Pants To Work

Wearing track pants to work, Atlanta Personal Stylist

I'm sure last night was tough for you knowing that Monday was on the horizon (or not), but what better way to start of the work week than by walking into the office dressed better than everybody.  If you're not already in your best dressed office wear today, there's still the rest of the week.  And just in case you need a little help, I got you covered - wink!

So today I'd like to offer up another style inspo for the work place.  While most office dress codes are set up to not let you be great, you can still look fab.  One thing I've noticed about my wardrobe of late is that I prefer a more relaxed, easy going type of look.  It's funny because in my teens, I dressed like a tomboy, then in my 20's to early 30's everything had to be fitted (or tight rather).  Now that I'm 40, comfort is most important.  As a matter of fact, it's numero uno, which is why the athleisure trend is a fave of mine.  It's a way to be comfy and cute.  

I got these pants on sale from H&M.com (currently sold out) and was so glad I did.  I'm always a little hesitate when ordering pants online because ya girl is short (like 4'11" - 5' short) and it's such a hassle and a disappointment when they don't work out.  But these red track pants are amazing, and I can wear either flats or sneakers without them scrubbing the ground.

I styled them with this white and black striped blazer from Target (currently on sale, limited sizes tho) with a marigold t-shirt to tie in my heels.  To cool part about wearing athleisure is that it doesn't require a lot of effort.  Although I opted for heels, a pair of cute sneakers would have worked just as well.  

A few things to keep in mind if you're going to sport this look on the job...

1. Be mindful of the material your pants are made of.  Make sure that you're wearing pants and not tights.  Seeing your underwear or lack there of through your "pants" at work or anywhere you go is not cute, hunty.  

2. Accessorize your look.  Add a necklace or bracelets.  You're still going to work not the gym.  

3. Add a casual piece, such as a button down shirt or a blazer (hint, hint) wearing a t-shirt will only dress down the look.  The goal is to have a mix of both casual and athletic.  

4. Have fun with it.  If you can get away with wearing a bold color such as red, do it.  

Want a few other office or athlesure outfit inspirations >>> I've got you... How about this lace skirt with sneakers look or this Adidas joggers outfit.  What about this look with the tangerine colored pants.  

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Wearing track pants to work, Atlanta Personal Stylist
Wearing track pants to work, Atlanta Personal Stylist
Wearing track pants to work, Atlanta Personal Stylist
Wearing track pants to work, Atlanta Personal Stylist