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When I think of vintage fashion with a twist, this thriftanista always comes to mind.  I've followed her on Instagram for a while now and she never disappoints.  Meet Vinty_Fresh.

Recently I had the privilege to talk with Brittany about her love for style and thrifting.  Check out our conversation.

*What does style mean to you?

     I think style is how you wear your clothes.  Anybody can wear clothes, it's how we express our self (in most cases).  It's when you allow your own personality to make the difference and to make it your own.  

*When did you first develop your own sense of style?

     I don't think I really found my own style until I graduated from high school.  Even though I've been a thrifter from a very young age; I was always creative, mixing and matching different colors.  I do think that thrifting helped me to develop my style.  
*Do you shop for particular labels/brands when thrifting?

    No, I don't really look for anything in particular.  Whatever catches my eye is usually what I go for.  Since I inherited the gift of thrifting from my grandmother and mother, I've mastered thrift shopping.  I can usually spot out true vintage pieces.  My mom and I have a thing where we say we're putting things out into the universe and sure enough we'll find it.

*What was your worst thrifting experience?

     I must say, I've never had a bad experience.  The most annoying this is if I have to stop because I either have to use the restroom and the store doesn't have a public restroom or if I'm really hunger.

*How did Vinty_Fresh come about?

     Well... When I first got on Instagram I had a different IG name.  It wasn't until I started to get recognized when I felt that I needed to change it.  My little sister actually came up with the name.  Not only did I like the name, I thought it embodied who I am.

*Tell me about ReInvinty_Fresh?

     ReInvinty_Fresh is the re-launch of my old online vintage store.  Over a year ago, I ran a very successful e-boutique (Vinty_Fresh Clothing).  I had to close it as it had become overwhelming with all that I had going on at that time.  I was very disappointed about having to close the store.  But! At the urging of family, friends and social media followers I decided to re-open the store.  I've only been open a week and I've already had 17 sales.

*What is your opinion about the recent thrifting trend?

     I think it's cool that people are getting on board.  It wasn't until Macklemoore came out with Thrift Shop that I think thrifting became so popular.  As a veteran, I've been trying to tell people for years to at least try it.  I even like seeing the burst in resale businesses online.

*What would you do if thrift stores didn't exist?

     That's kind of hard to think about.  I would find my way to try and find a vintage store.  Or I would open up my own thrift store.

*Do you follow trends?

     I feel like I do, but I don't.  If I see something that I like, I'll try to recreate the look in my own way.  I do try to make sure that I carry trendy pieces in my store.  I wear what I feel.  Right now I'm really into furs.  I'm not into following trends, even if it's not a trend anymore, I'll still wear it.

*What's something that people would find interesting or hard to believe about you?

     I'm really reserved.  I don't like being the center of attention nor do I like big crowds.  Growing up I was a "nerd" so I feel like that nerdy girl.  Although it may not look like it in my pictures, I am reserved.