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The Style Kläzit Grand Opening!!! || Event Recap

Ohh-Mmm-Gee!!! This past week has been a blur...  

Aside from working my 9-5 and helping my 6 yrs old son with a school project where "he" had to build a robot that helps conserve earths natural resources.  And my husband needing me to handle business paperwork... I was still getting ready for my boutique's grand opening.  *Long sign!  I am sooo tired.  

Let's go down memory lane (dreamy music plays) In early 2013 I met a group of ladybosses who inspired me to stop running from my fears and start chasing my dreams.  That was the beginning.  At the suggestion of someone I admire I decided to my open my online boutique.  Now if you've read my


, you should know it start off as Posh Lady Vintage.  I thought I was doing fine with the online store until I attended the boutique opening of a good friend in 2014.  On her wall the words, "

Wish it... Dream it... Do it

..." really resonated with me.  It was at this event where the desire to have my own storefront was birthed.  Fast forward to November 7, 2015, I wished it, dreamed it and then Did It!!!

more event pics



Last thing...  with all that I had going on, I didn't get a change to announce the winner of the handbag and the


credit voucher worth $39.95. 

And the WINNER'S are

Kimberly Morris - Handbag

Falisha Spence - Shoe credit voucher

Thank you to everyone who came, wanted to come and for the texts and FB and IG messages.

Thanks for stopping by!


It's Celebration time!!!!!

Ohh-Mmm-Geee!  I am sooooooo EXCITED!!! 

About 7 years ago I started playing with the idea of me owning a boutique.  But that's all it was, just an idea.  Until May 2013 when I opened my online boutique.  When I first opened, sales were slow and I thought that maybe I had made a mistake, but my husband wouldn't allow me to quit.  After a while my sales picked up and business was good.  About 1.5 into it, I realized that an online store really wasn't what I wanted.  I desired an actual physical location.  In October 2014 I attended a friends boutique opening.  In helping her celebrate, I envisioned myself in the same situation.  To top it off, she had on her wall these words - Wish it... Dream it... DO IT!  So I did!  On November 7th, 2015 I will be celebrating the Grand Opening of my boutique.  If you live in or will be visiting the Metro Atlanta area on this day, please don't hesitate to drop by.