Head Wrap's Are For Bad Hair Days

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Who else besides me is a little discombobulated by being off on a Wednesday?  I mean really, a holiday in the middle of the week, Really!  In my humble opinion, holidays should always fall on a Friday or Monday?  Middle of the week or not, I took advantage of my time off by doing nothing.  I left the house once to go to the store for food, other than that I had no intention of stepping a foot outside.  Not even to watch the neighborhood fireworks.  I guess I really am getting older.  But baaa-bbyyy, next week is what I'm most excited about.  Hubs, his mini-me and I, along with my brother and his fam will be in Orlando and I am so ready.  I got my summer body together (not really, but pretend I do) and I'm ready to hit the pool and the beach (and maybe a thrift store or a mall) 

Let's face it, bad hair days are inevitable.  No matter if you're black or white or yellow or polka dot, if you have hair, chances are you've had a bad hair day (days rather).  My first two years of being back natural was a bad hair day.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or what to do.  I even remember coming home after doing the big chop, walking in the door and the first thing my husband says (after looking at me like a strange alien) is "You're hair is ugly".  Man!!! That's when that for better or worst part comes in to play.  And it's a good thing I have tough skin.

Now-a-days most people wear head wraps for style purposes, yet wearing a head wrap could hold a deeper meaning for someone else.  Today's purpose is attributed to still looking fab when you're having a bad hair day.  I typically don't cover my head, because I have a love affair with my hair cut and color, but there are days when me and my hair are at odds.  That's when a cute decorative head wrap saves the day.

I copped this vibrant head wrap at THRIFTING ATLANTA'S Spring Market from BLACK GIRL TIARA'S.  Since I'm not really into the African or Ankara print trend, I almost didn't buy it.  Aside from being slightly talked into getting it, it was the mixture of bold colors that did it for me.  I've worn this wrap a few other times (bad hair day's of course) and each time I love it more and more. 

My top is brought to you by good ole GOODWILL.  A few weeks ago I attended a shopping event at the Tucker, GA location and found this orange top.  On the hanger it looked way to big, but a quick try on, made me realize I'm bigger than what I think I am - how sway?  The best part about this top is that it hides my mom gut and surprisingly, I like the high-low hem.  Peaking out from underneath the top are a pair of distressed shorts (which have been in heavy rotation this spring/summer season).  Pairing these cobalt blue wedge sandals and marigold crossbody (both from SHOEDAZZLE) with this look was a fun way to play with the other colors in my head wrap.  

Warning!  The top and shorts are thrifted and the sandals and handbag are from a couple of season's ago.  Meaning this entire look is not available for purchase.  But good news is you can use this look for style inspiration.  So if you come across an over sized top and distressed jean shorts, you can definitely recreate this look.  Don't forget to head over to BLACK GIRL TIARA'S to grab your own unique head wrap.  

Photography: KVISUALS

Atlanta personal stylist, top atlanta blogger, head wrap, atlanta street style
Atlanta personal stylist, top atlanta blogger, head wrap, atlanta street style
Atlanta personal stylist, top atlanta blogger, head wrap, atlanta street style
Atlanta personal stylist, top atlanta blogger, head wrap, atlanta street style
Atlanta personal stylist, top atlanta blogger, head wrap, atlanta street style
Atlanta personal stylist, top atlanta blogger, head wrap, atlanta street style


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Another Outfit Fail - Utility Jumpsuit

Outfit Fail, Atlanta style blogger

We all want to look good all the time but unfortunately, that's just not always the case.  Even the most stylish fashionista get it wrong from time to time.  That is the focus of today's outfit. 

For starters, I'm not a jumpsuit type of girl.  While there are a gaggle of really cute jumpsuits to choose from, it's not a must-have for me.  So when JustFab sent me this olive utility jumpsuit to review I thought this should be really fun and easy to style. 

I may have been a little dramatic with the title of this post, because the look is not all that bad.  It's just that I could have done more with this jumpsuit.  Honestly people there's nothing wrong with the jumpsuit except 1. It's too small and 2. I don't like jumpsuits.

Now if jumpsuits speak to you, you'll definitely appreciate this one from JustFab. I would suggest sizing up since the medium that I'm wearing is too small.  When I say I almost passed out from stomach spasms trying not to look like a busted biscuit can... man! 

What I like best about this jumpsuit is the quality of the fabric and the color is right on trend for the winter season.  I layered with this thrifted over-sized cardigan and completed the look with these really dope boots from a while back.  

Some may love this look and others may ask themselves, wth is she wearing.  Either way, I'll never be able to redeem myself with this jumpsuit.  Why? Because I gave it away!!!

This is not my first outfit fail.  See the other look (HERE).  Have you ever worn something that when you put the look together in your head it was cute, but in real life - not so much?  

Outfit Fail, Atlanta style blogger
Outfit Fail, Atlanta style blogger
Outfit Fail, Atlanta style blogger
Outfit Fail, Atlanta style blogger

Cardigan -- Thrifted // Jumpsuit -- JustFab // Boots -- Old

Photograhy: KVisuals

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Shine Bright

Hi there Stylenista's

The weekend is over :-[ and time to go back to the work place.  Hope your weekend was full of excitement.

When I saw this top I was like, heck yea!  It actually came with a skirt, but I wasn't feeling the skirt so it was added to my boutique collection (it was sold at an event).  I really love colors so this outfit was fun to wear.

Outfit Details
Top - St. Vincent de Paul Duluth - $2.50
Pants - Thrift Store - $2.00
Shoes - Don't remember

Passion For Fashion

Hi there Stylenista's

Happy Monday!  Today is the first day of fall and I can't wait to see the different looks this season will bring.  I, myself, am looking forward to styling a few pieces that I've thrifted over the spring/summer months.  

Speaking of styling, I was asked to assist in styling for a fashion show for a women's conference luncheon.  Now, I've styled for church fashion shows before, however, this show required a pinch of finesse.  All in all I had fun.

Check out pics of my look and a few of the styles I created...

Outfit Details
Short Sleeved Vintage Blazer - Thrifted - less than $2.50
High-Waisted Tuxedo Shorts - Thrifted - $Free (from a swap)
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle 

Pink & Gold

Hey there Stylenista's

I scored this ka-ute (cute) Forever21 neon pink blouse on one of the Thrifting Atlanta Bus Tour's.  Although three fashionista's tried it on, it was I who it fit best.  I could't wait to style it.  This skirt was a must have as well. 

Outfit Details...
Blouse - Park Ave Thrift Woodstock - $1.75
Skirt - Park Ave Thrift Woodstock - $1.75
Belt - Thrifted - $1.00
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle


The Office...

Hi There Stylenista's

It's officially fall and the weather in Atlanta is uugghhh!  I remember when I took these pics, it was hot.  I had to find a nice shady area so that I wouldn't have sweat dripping from my face. As always, my look is thrifted.  Creating different looks for penny's on a dollar is sooo rewarding.  

Outfit Details...
Blouse - Purple Tigress - $5.00
Skirt - B & R Thrift - $2.50
Shoes - Charlotte Russe - $ can't remember

 Black Skirt

Natural Chic

Hey there Stylenista's!

I call this look natural chic.... I have been natural for over 2 years and I LOVE it.  I wish I would have done it earlier.  I didn't grow up wearing makeup and I never learned how to apply it so I don't wear.  I'm okay with my natural beauty.

Outfit Details:

Top - Thrifted - $1.00
Skirt - Thrifted - $2.00
Shoes - Plato's Closet - $10
Belt - Thrifted - .50
Accessory's - B&R Thrift Store - $1.50/ set


Denim & Florals

Hey there Stylenista's

Thanks for checking out my latest post!  I really appreciate it.

It amazes me to see how unintentionally I create similar looks within the same month and not even realize it. It wasn't until I was going through my photos that I noticed that I'd created the denim & floral look twice in one month.  I guess subconsciously, I was really feeling this look. I especially like the fact that both the denim tops and floral skirts were thrifted/gifted.  

Outfit Details:

Plain denim top - Old Navy / gifted
Dark Floral skirt - New York & Co. / $1.75
Floral denim top - Old Navy / &2.00
Floral bottom (it's really a dress styled as a skirt) - You're A Hanger Boutique / $5.00

Total combined: Less than $10

Men's Fashion: Women's Wear!

Hi there Stylenista!

There is something to be said of a woman who can take the look of a man and make it her own.  Even before I knew about

Janelle Monae

or my new style crush

Esther Quek

, I rocked my own version of the menswear inspired look.  

Check me out...

Outfit Details...

Suit - Thrifted -

St. Vincent de Paul Society

- $5.00

Polka Dot Shirt - Thrifted -

Park Ave Thrift

- $1.50

Tie - Thrifted -

Last Chance Thrift

- $1.00 

Shoes -

Shoe Dazzle

Refashionista... Scarf/Vest/Dress

Hi there Stylenista's...

I thrifted this scarf from Park Ave Thrift right at the beginning of the summer and wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  After watching a video on Facebook, I was inspired.  Although this DIY style is not an original, I wanted to show the different ways that I was able to style this one-piece garment.

Check out how I styled this over-sized scarf or wrap....