thrift tricks

Thrifting Tips For Newbies

Thrifting has been around for some time now.  I know when I was coming up it was sort of frowned upon; now it's the it thing to do; Almost everybody is thrifting now.  My cousin introduced me to thrifting when I was in my early teens.

I find that thrifting really allows me to display my creativity.  I'm not being force feed the style and trends of society either.

  • Pack your patience.
    • Take your time going through the racks.  Some gems are harder to find then others
  • Be open minded.
    • Not all thrift stores are smelly and dirty.  
    • Have an idea of what you're looking for.
  • Have a budget.
    • Stick to your budget.  Because it's so cheap, you can easily loose track of your spending cap.
  • Be willing to travel.  
    • Some areas have a better stores than others.  *Don't discount the "mom & pop" stores.  
  • Wear your thrifting uniform.
    • You want to wear something that fits to your body, just in case they don't have dressing rooms or if the dressing rooms are full.  
    • The uniform consists of: T-shirt or tank top, leggings, maxi dress or skirt.  Socks or footies if you want to try on shoes.  
  • Put it in the cart.
    • As you see pieces that interest you, dump it in your cart.  You can sort through it and decide on the keepers once you get to the fitting room.  
  • Examine the clothes closely.
    • Check your garments for stains, rips/tears, missing buttons, proper working zipper and really bad smells.  
    • Check under the armpits, seams, seats of pants and hems.
  • Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer - after all, all of these pieces are second hand. 
  • Buy One, Give One
    • Don't be a hoarder.  Go through your closet and donate some items that you no longer wear. 
  • Don't discount funiture.
    • It can be restored or repurposed.  
    • You can always paint or spray to change the color.
    • You can change the original use of an item and make it work for something else.
  • Don't buy just to buy!