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FEATURE Friday: Jamal Jackson / Style Society Guy

Feature Friday with Jamal Jackson of Style Society Guy.

As a wife and a mother of a young son, I often look for style inspiration from male "stylenisthim's."  I somehow came across this stylish young gentlemen's page and was so amazed.  Check out a few of his look and read our conversation to see why...


How were you introduced to fashion/style?

Growing up my dad taught me the importance of grooming, cleanliness and always looking presentable.  So I think my love for fashion was kind of a spin off from that.   It wasn’t until I got older that I starting taking an interest in fashion and style. 

* Who is your favorite style icon?

My style is a combination of neat and clean and eclectic and colorful.  For my neat and clean side,

David Beckham

.  He is the example of what my father taught me about how a man should look.  For my eclectic side, I would have to say

Pharrell Williams


Mark Ronson


* What’s your favorite season as far a fashion goes?

Spring!  The weather is just right for mixing and matching pieces from both spring and fall.  It’s a time where I can still wear my long camel coat, so rather than wearing a turtleneck, I can pair it with a Henley or I can wear my lighter weight leather jacket in lieu of my heavier one.  But most importantly, I was born in the spring!!!

* What made you start your blog?

I always wanted to be in an editorial position; however, I noticed that it was difficult to even obtain those types of positions.  Even if I had gotten in the door I would have been an assist doing basic duties.  Not to say that I was above being an assist, but I knew I needed a more creative outlet.  So I utilized the tools that I had in order to get my point across about menswear.  So it started from posting my #ootd on


to what you see today.

* Do you feel that male bloggers get recognized the same as female bloggers?

Actually, yes.  Sometimes menswear gets more recognition than womens wear.  It even seems to be that the menswear community is more supportive of each other than in the womens wear community.  Men are more carefree and less competitive then women.  The science between men and women is unexplainable.

* What’s your signature look?

Definitely layering.  And in a close second is color blocking.  I really enjoy mixing the two trends.

* Where do you mostly shop?  How often do you shop?

I shop almost everywhere, but most of my clothes are from

Club Monaco

.  I am also heavy into thrift shopping.  I still have a lot of clothes from college and I receive clothes from clothing brands that I work with.  When I do shop, it’s mostly a once a month trip.  

* If I looked in your closet, how would I find it arranged?

Ah!  Right now, it’s pretty embarrassing.  I’m in the process of rearranging my closet.  But, you find that I have tanks, shirts, t-shirts and long sleeves.  Then suits, jackets and coats.  My closet is very colorful.

* What’s the one wardrobe essential you can’t live without?

My leather jacket.  It’s like my fail safe piece. 

* What’s the best advice you've ever received?

“Just be a sponge” Absorb as much as you can. Don’t listen to respond, listen to understand.  

* What’s your favorite fashion magazine?

I don’t really have one.  When it comes to magazines, I read a lot of architectural magazines.  So my favorite magazine would be

Architectural Digest


* What is one thing people would be surprised to hear about you?

I would say that people might be surprised that I’m an only child, but probably not! Ha! Ha!  I think most people would be surprised that I really like to be alone.  If you look at my IG feed or my blog, you might disagree, but I really appreciate my alone time.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my family and friends, but something I just really like that time to myself.