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Dressing Down A Sequin Skirt With The Classic White T-Shirt

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Fashion is not about having thousands of outfits in your closet. It’s about making the most of what you already have. That includes mixing and matching things together that you’ve never thought to wear together before.  The goal is to get creative with your existing wardrobe. 

With trends coming and going, there’s one staple piece that remains a constant.  The white t-shirt!  It’s the easiest and simplest piece that every woman should own.  It can be paired with a million different fashion-forward looks.  So basically what I’m saying is that if you can pull off the white t-shirt with a pair of jeans, you can certainly pull it off with a sequin skirt.

What I like most about this skirt is the array of colors.  And with so many colors to choose from, I could really pair this skirt with a number of colored top options.  Yet for this look I opted for a plain white v-neck tee giving this look a more casual chic vibe, plus I half-tucked the shirt to give shape to my waist line.  To complete the look I decided these clear heels (that I hated at first) was the shoe to wear.

The moral of this post is that the basic white t-shirt is easy, comfortable and adaptable.  It’s one of the more versatile staple pieces: it dresses up, it dresses down, and it’s the blank canvas around which you can you build almost any outfit.  Btw, if you don’t have a white t-shirt… Get one!

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Sequin Skirt + Polka Dot Sweatshirt For Valentine's Day

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With Valentine’s day only a few days away, my anticipation is increasing. I already know what I’m getting. A delicious box of juicy chocolate covered strawberries and a yummy candy apple. Ya’ll!

I remember my first V-day as a married woman. We had just gotten hitched the month before and thought it would be a great idea to go out to eat. Bad move, we ended up waiting almost two hours for a meal that was just meh! After that, we decided that we were good on trying to go out on Valentine’s day. Although this year I took off work and we’ve planned to celebrate our undying love for each other during the day.

With February 14 being so close, have you decided what to wear? If the Mr and I were to have a night out on the town, this polka dotted sweatshirt and sequin skirt (with the socks and heels -because I’m just that extra) look would be my #OOTN. It’s so unconventional and a direct reflection of my personal style.

While the classic reds, pinks and blacks are the obvious choice, why not use this opportunity to try something new, something bold? Basically this is your chance to step outside of your comfort zone and to face your fashion fears head on. Just imagine you try something different and you actually like it!

Just in case you need a little inspiration, you’re already in the right place. My blog is full of style inspo.

Photography: Kaylin James

5 Simple, Yet Cool Ways To Nail The White-T Trend

If you don't have a white tee in your wardrobe, shame on you!  It's hands down one of the easiest item of clothing to keep in your closet.  It's literally a classic and super comfortable.  To date I probably have at least 10 different white tee's.  While I'm only giving you 5 really easy ways to style this closet staple, the possibilities are endless.

Pairing a slightly longer tee over some distressed denim with a colorful blazer and a killer pair of heels for a street glam look is everything, right?  And if you want to be super cool, try tucking in the front of your shirt.    

In some cases a V-neck tee is so much better than a regular crew neck.  Why?  They make you look a lot cooler - wink, wink!  But really it's only a matter of personal preference.  V-necks can give your look a little sex appeal.  

Dressing down a fancy bottom with a white tee is not as hard as it may seem.  Whether you're sashaying around town in a shiny gold sequin skirt or an all black leather mini; with your statement accessories and a bad girl attitude... You've now become the IT girl! 

While I'm not a huge fan of crop tops, they are so cute.  They can be worn with so many different pieces in an array of styles.  And before you completely write off not wearing them, give it a try.  I'm pretty sure there's a way for you to shine in a crop.   

Graphic tee's can directly express who you are without you even having to open your month.  What better way to make a statement then to "say it with ya chest" - Kevin Hart  Don't be afraid to sub out a plain white tee and go for the way cooler graphic tee. 

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