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Is It Cool To Wear Sandals In the Winter?

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One trend I just can’t seem to get into is wearing sandals in the wintertime.  Seeing this fashion statement in style magazines, on tv and down my social timelines let’s me know that there are plenty of women out here braving flu season by wearing their toes out. If I could get passed the thought of my toes freezing off due to the lower temps then maybe. I remember back in my “we be clubbin’ days inwardly laughing at some of the females standing in line wearing their tiny freakum dresses and heeled sandals - shivering. But you know what, I shouldn’t knock it until I try it, right?  And maybe one day I will. 

A stylish remedy for continuing to wear your summer sandals in the cooler months is super easy.  Just add a fun pair of socks (or tights). Think about how cute your NYE party outfit would look if you paired it with a cutesy pair of short or knee-length socks. Not only do you get to keep your feet warm, your outfit can still be dope. For your styling pleasure, check out a few looks where I’ve incorporated socks into my look >>> HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

The older I get the more my style evolves.  I was once the girl who would never be caught wearing anything pink or shiny and definitely not strutting around in a pair of heels.  Now here I am in a shiny sequin duster with a cute pair of pink and green heels on.  I wonder what my younger self would say to my slightly older self after seeing me in today’s look.    

Btw, I shot this look when the temp’s were warmer. What are you thoughts on sandals in the winter months?

Photography: Kaylin James



Distressed / Ripped Jeans || Outfit Inspo

Top Atlanta Blogger, Distressed Jeans Outfit

To say that I'm obsessed with distressed or ripped jeans is an understatement.  I absolutely love a cute pair of ripped jeans.  I actually have more distressed jeans than non-distressed jeans in my jeans collection. 

Most of my ripped jeans, I've either distressed myself or thrifted them.  However, Forever 21 and HM have a few pair I've been eyeing for quite some time now.  In the past I thought it blasphemy to pay more than $10 for a pair of jeans with rips in them.  I mean come on, that money could be better spent on a pair of shoes.  But!  Time (and my growing addiction to ripped jeans) brings about a change.  

My current obsession:

Today's look is really simple and easy to recreate, and you can certainly opt for a whole pair of jeans or a less distressed pair of jeans for this look.  Quick story on this top.... I bought it a few years ago from Old Navy and had only worn it once when it went missing.  I looked everywhere for it, but it had vanished.  We moved a little over a year ago and while packing, the shirt reappeared.  The End.  

Back to the look... I opted to dress up the jeans with this floral button up and thrifted red blazer for a more contemporary feel.  It was a toss up on the shoes, however in the end I decided on the leopard print pumps.  

Whelp!  I hope this look inspires you to step outside the box.  And may the rest of your week be a stylish one.  Need a little more distressed denim outfit inspo, I got you.  Check out these looks >>> HERE, HERE & HERE.  Enjoy! 

Top Atlanta Blogger, Distressed Jeans Outfit
Top Atlanta Blogger, Distressed Jeans Outfit
Top Atlanta Blogger, Distressed Jeans Outfit
Top Atlanta Blogger, Distressed Jeans Outfit
Top Atlanta Blogger, Distressed Jeans Outfit
Top Atlanta Blogger, Distressed Jeans Outfit

Blazer -- Thrifted // Floral Top -- Old Navy (old) // Distressed Jeans -- Thrifted // Heels -- Charlotte Russe (old)

Photography: K Visuals

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