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It's Celebration time!!!!!

Ohh-Mmm-Geee!  I am sooooooo EXCITED!!! 

About 7 years ago I started playing with the idea of me owning a boutique.  But that's all it was, just an idea.  Until May 2013 when I opened my online boutique.  When I first opened, sales were slow and I thought that maybe I had made a mistake, but my husband wouldn't allow me to quit.  After a while my sales picked up and business was good.  About 1.5 into it, I realized that an online store really wasn't what I wanted.  I desired an actual physical location.  In October 2014 I attended a friends boutique opening.  In helping her celebrate, I envisioned myself in the same situation.  To top it off, she had on her wall these words - Wish it... Dream it... DO IT!  So I did!  On November 7th, 2015 I will be celebrating the Grand Opening of my boutique.  If you live in or will be visiting the Metro Atlanta area on this day, please don't hesitate to drop by.