no panty lines

No More Panty Lines

So last week I did a post about a  nude lingerie line for black women (here).  I found this news to be very exciting and a positive move towards "underclothes equality" lol!  Now to take this a step further, lets talk about VPL (visible panty lines).  With all the undergarment gear out here, why oh why do we still see panty line offenders???  Today class we're going to go back over underwear etiquette.

- Your first choice is going commando.  That's how many of the celebs do it.  However, for the modest lady who wouldn't dare, wearing thicker or textured clothing can help camouflage your undies.  
- Then  there's the option of wearing a thong or g-string.  They give you the "security" of having on panties, without the evidence of a line showing.
 - If you can't get past the thong or g-string; boyshorts are the way to go.  Typically, they will go under your butt cheeks (unless you're blessed).
- Remember back in the day your your mother or grandmother wouldn't dare get dressed without putting on their girdle?  Girdles today are called Shapewear; Either way they work the same way.  They are designed to control and shape the wearer.  These are great for pants, skirts and dresses.

* To achieve the illusion of a smooth, seamless look to the backside of your garments; go for laser-cut or no-show panties.