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Recap: "Black Women In Publication" Awards

I was invited to attend It's My Hair! "Black Women In Publication" Awards earlier this month.  As a new blogger it was a great opportunity to be able to meet and greet a few lady's that I've found though social media and having been following and admiring their work ever since.  One person in particular was I'sha Gaines, Founder & Editor in Chief of HoneybeNatural Magazine.  Although I've only meet her twice, she is a super awesome person.  Even giving me advise on some little photography tricks.

This event was awe inspiring to be able to see and meet young black women being recognized for something positive.  It gives me hope for our little brown girls.  Girl Power!!!!!!!!!!

The award recipients consisted of:
Denisha Hardeman, Actress & Author of 8 Lanes
Monifa Coffee, Publisher & Editor in Chief of Texture Magazine
Francheska Felder, Editor in Chief  of Swagher Magazine
Courtney Danielle Stradford & Nickecia Alder, Founders of Black Girl Fly Mag
Malissa Lockhart-Ford, Publisher & Editor in Chief of Midwest Black Hair Magazine
Chimere Norris, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief of Naturally Happy Hair Magazine
Yolanda Renee, Founder of Etcetera Blog Mag
Mechal Roe, Author of Happy Hair Girls
Lillie Young, Author of The Purple Cinderella

Oh! Btw, your girl is thrifted on the red carpet.