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A Must Have: The Little Black Dress (LBD)

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Guys, I have a confession. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t have a little black dress hanging in my closet. Which kinda makes me a hypocrite since I preach to my style clients all the time about the importance of maintaining the basic closet staples in their wardrobes at all times. And a LBD is definitely a basic staple. Plus being a personal stylist, you would think that I’d have at least 2 maybe 3 LBD options hanging in my closet.

It might be because I’ve never been in a place where I needed to wear a black dress. However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t have one on ready - If you stay ready you won’t have to get ready!

Here’s the thing…. you can Google “little black dress” and get back a million and one results from online fashion magazines, style influencers and such from around the globe giving you all kinds of tips and advice on how to wear and why you need a little black dress. While I don’t have anything new to add, I just want to be the millionth and two influencer giving my opinion on the matter, okayyyyyy.

Now that we’re in holiday party season, it’s probably a good idea not to wait til the last minute to figure out what you’re going to wear. However, if you’re like me and your need (no calling in life is) to win best dressed where ever you go (even if there isn’t a contest) leaves you stressing over what the heck to wear… the LBD can always be counted on to deliver.

But hold on girlfriend let’s not just go for some plain ol basic black dress, instead opt for something that garners whispers and stares. A textured dress such as sequins (yasssss), leather (come on now), tulle (girl you betta) are great options to look for if you’re looking for a banging black dress. The ever sexy mini dress with a pair of killer OTK boots. Go back in time and grab inspired looks from the 70’s or 80’s era or later.

If you already have a little black dress and you want to jazz it up a bit, try grabbing a chunky necklace or some type of statement making accessory. Don’t forget your shoes can be a statement piece as well. Layering with a cute biker jacket or fancy outer wear piece is a good idea too. All I’m saying is you don’t have to be basic and boring wearing a LBD.

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Breakfast At Tiffany's

Hiya Stylenista's!

Let me first start off by saying my weekend was fab-u-lous!  I started my weekend by enjoying my bi-monthly mani/pedi, which I absolutely look forward to.  And for a few months now, I've been playing with the idea of adding a little color to my hair.  In my younger years, I experimented with quite a few different colors (green, purple, orange, blonde, cooper to name a few.)  So now that I'm a tab older, I just wanted a touch of color.  Enough about that....

Now about my weekend.  I attended the Little Blue Box Brunch hosted by Nikka Shae of the blog Oh! Nikka.  It was such an elegant event and the fact that the attire was black with pearls was so fun.  This event was more than just a group of beautiful  ladies meeting up to eat.  The room was filled with powerful business minded women coming together in the name of sisterhood.  Although I don't wear make up, Julian Reynolds offered some great advice for keeping your face looking it's best.  Chloe Taylor Brown, lifestyle coach, really empowered us to become winners in life.  Girls Inc. talked about their mission to inspire young girls to be strong, smart and bold.  Molly and Cynthia of Livi Rae Lingerie were both hilarious as they talked about the importance of wearing a proper fitting bra.  If you haven't already attended, you should!  Oh! Did I mentioned not only did I win a gift certificate from Keystrokes by Kimberly giveaway as soon as I sat down; I also won LBB brunch best dressed in which the gift was a rectangular crystal Tiffany & co box.

Outfit Details

Top - Target // Tulle skirt - Diva Diva Boutique // Shoes - Shoedazzle // Pearls - St. Vincent de Paul // Belt - Thrifted // Pearl bracelets - I Heart Jewelz - Gifted // Lace gloves - beauty supply, but I cut the tips off // Glasses - mall kiosk // Pearl ring - F21