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Hello Fall!

Hey Stylenista's

It's just a few days since the official start of fall and the weather is gorgeous.  My creative juices are over flowing, just wait and see...

While perusing the pants aisle at the thrift store, of course; I came across the pants.  I really liked the print and the color of the pants and I thought they would look cute on me, so I picked them up.  I made my way to the tops aisle and guess what I saw - the top.  Really! They tried me, but not this time.  I was on my thrifting game.  I'm going to see how many ways I can style both pieces.  Stay Tuned.

{Oh! A lot of times I have my son with me when I snapping away and he wants to get him a few shots in as well, so I let him have a least 1-2 shots.  Check out his cool after school look}.

*Thrifting Tip:  Be on the look out for separated sets.  Some thrift stores will try to sale them as separate pieces in order to get more money.  I got caught like this before and learned my lesson.*        

Outfit Details
Vintage Two-piece set - $1.75 - Park Ave Thrift Woodstock
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle

Pink & Gold

Hey there Stylenista's

I scored this ka-ute (cute) Forever21 neon pink blouse on one of the Thrifting Atlanta Bus Tour's.  Although three fashionista's tried it on, it was I who it fit best.  I could't wait to style it.  This skirt was a must have as well. 

Outfit Details...
Blouse - Park Ave Thrift Woodstock - $1.75
Skirt - Park Ave Thrift Woodstock - $1.75
Belt - Thrifted - $1.00
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle


The Office...

Hi There Stylenista's

It's officially fall and the weather in Atlanta is uugghhh!  I remember when I took these pics, it was hot.  I had to find a nice shady area so that I wouldn't have sweat dripping from my face. As always, my look is thrifted.  Creating different looks for penny's on a dollar is sooo rewarding.  

Outfit Details...
Blouse - Purple Tigress - $5.00
Skirt - B & R Thrift - $2.50
Shoes - Charlotte Russe - $ can't remember

 Black Skirt

Refashionista... Scarf/Vest/Dress

Hi there Stylenista's...

I thrifted this scarf from Park Ave Thrift right at the beginning of the summer and wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  After watching a video on Facebook, I was inspired.  Although this DIY style is not an original, I wanted to show the different ways that I was able to style this one-piece garment.

Check out how I styled this over-sized scarf or wrap....