Street Style Approved: Socks + Heels

Atlanta personal stylist, Melodie Stewart, Top Atlanta blogger

As a black girl growing up, I can remember wearing the frilly ruffle ankle socks with my Sunday church shoes.  And don’t let it be Christmas, Easter, a special event or a program at school. That’s when mom pulled out the big fancy ruffled socks.  It’s almost funny to think that I can still pull off this old fashion style combo, but with heels.  Whomever thought to introduce this trend into adulthood is brilliant and creative (and I wish I’d thought of it first.)

Although Fall is officially here doesn’t mean you have to put away your summer heels.  This is the perfect time to stretch your summer heels into the cooler months.  Pairing your cutest heeled sandal with socks issa look.

 The great thing about this trend is that you can rock a fancy sock, a colored sock, knee-length socks, ankle socks, socks with patterns or a plain white tube sock if you want.  The point is socks with heels is a bold fashion statement and a great way to be a little more adventurous with your style.

Are you into the socks + heels trend?  Comment about it below. 

*I’ve also included pics of a few other times I’ve played around with this trend below.

Photography: Kaylin James

Atlanta personal stylist, Melodie Stewart, Top Atlanta blogger
Atlanta personal stylist, Melodie Stewart, Top Atlanta blogger
Atlanta personal stylist, Melodie Stewart, Top Atlanta blogger
Atlanta personal stylist, Melodie Stewart, Top Atlanta blogger
Atlanta personal stylist, Melodie Stewart, Top Atlanta blogger
Atlanta personal stylist, Melodie Stewart, Top Atlanta blogger



Fashion Bombshell of the Day


I was featured as Fashion bombshell of the day on Fashion Bomb Daily.

I was having a pretty rough day and my mind was all over the place.  So I took to Instagram for some relief.  A few swipes later I doubled taped a pic from FBD's feed.  This sparked a thought - I should submit some of my pictures for a feature.  Well I did, not even thinking that I would even be featured.  Little did I know!  A day later I received an email that I was the bombshell feature of the day!!!!!!!!  Look at GOD!!!!!!  Thanks Claire Sulmers!

Click here for the feature.

Passion For Fashion

Hi there Stylenista's

Happy Monday!  Today is the first day of fall and I can't wait to see the different looks this season will bring.  I, myself, am looking forward to styling a few pieces that I've thrifted over the spring/summer months.  

Speaking of styling, I was asked to assist in styling for a fashion show for a women's conference luncheon.  Now, I've styled for church fashion shows before, however, this show required a pinch of finesse.  All in all I had fun.

Check out pics of my look and a few of the styles I created...

Outfit Details
Short Sleeved Vintage Blazer - Thrifted - less than $2.50
High-Waisted Tuxedo Shorts - Thrifted - $Free (from a swap)
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle 

Pink & Gold

Hey there Stylenista's

I scored this ka-ute (cute) Forever21 neon pink blouse on one of the Thrifting Atlanta Bus Tour's.  Although three fashionista's tried it on, it was I who it fit best.  I could't wait to style it.  This skirt was a must have as well. 

Outfit Details...
Blouse - Park Ave Thrift Woodstock - $1.75
Skirt - Park Ave Thrift Woodstock - $1.75
Belt - Thrifted - $1.00
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle


Denim & Florals

Hey there Stylenista's

Thanks for checking out my latest post!  I really appreciate it.

It amazes me to see how unintentionally I create similar looks within the same month and not even realize it. It wasn't until I was going through my photos that I noticed that I'd created the denim & floral look twice in one month.  I guess subconsciously, I was really feeling this look. I especially like the fact that both the denim tops and floral skirts were thrifted/gifted.  

Outfit Details:

Plain denim top - Old Navy / gifted
Dark Floral skirt - New York & Co. / $1.75
Floral denim top - Old Navy / &2.00
Floral bottom (it's really a dress styled as a skirt) - You're A Hanger Boutique / $5.00

Total combined: Less than $10

Men's Fashion: Women's Wear!

Hi there Stylenista!

There is something to be said of a woman who can take the look of a man and make it her own.  Even before I knew about

Janelle Monae

or my new style crush

Esther Quek

, I rocked my own version of the menswear inspired look.  

Check me out...

Outfit Details...

Suit - Thrifted -

St. Vincent de Paul Society

- $5.00

Polka Dot Shirt - Thrifted -

Park Ave Thrift

- $1.50

Tie - Thrifted -

Last Chance Thrift

- $1.00 

Shoes -

Shoe Dazzle