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T'is The Sequin Dress

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Most people usually don’t pull out their fancy sequin pieces unless it’s for a special occasion or for the Christmas or New Year’s Eve holiday.  But the gag is…. sequin can be worn well past Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Which works great for me since I don’t have any fancy holiday events to attend and I really like this dress.

Gather around guys and gals, it’s short story time… A few months ago while nonchalantly perusing Zara.com I happened upon this silver sequin dress.  While it was a cute dress, I didn’t dwell too much on getting it for two reasons: 1. I figured the length would be too long on me & 2. I didn’t want to pay the original price of $100 (call me cheap, I don’t care).  A few weeks later I see the dress is on sale for $25!!!  I quickly added it to my cart and anxiously waited for it to arrive.  The dress came, I fell for it, glad I got it.  The end!

In an effort to prove myself wrong regarding my point above about how often and the main reason most people wear sequin, I pulled this dress out once more.  Not wanting to take away from the dress (this time) all I did was added this distressed jean jacket.  Let’s say we call this look street chic! 

Now about these shoes.  As soon as I saw them I wanted them. Ironically, I wasted almost no time deciding if I wanted to pay the $100 price tag for these beauts (yet I rolled my eyes at the $100 for the dress – go figure).  The embellished heels are so over the top and they paired wonderfully with this sequin dress.      

Before I get outta here, let’s get this straight, sequins are appropriate no matter what the occasion.  I encourage you to come up with other ways to wear your sequin pieces well after the tree has been taken down and the ball has dropped.

How will you be wearing sequins this winter and beyond? 

Photography: Kaylin James