dress for success

Work-wear On A Dime

Hello Stylenista's

I hope you're having a wonder day and staying warm.  This Atlanta weather is not the business.  Although I'm sure anyone up north would laugh in my face.  This frigid weather is exactly why I told my husband he needs to move us to Tampa, FL.  Anywho!

Well if you've been following me you can probably tell that my style is somewhat versatile.  It has to be since I still work an 8-5 (but not for long).  I would really describe my personal style as eclectic, retro and modern vintage.  This look is very simple to me, but it's still cute.  It ceases to amaze me what $3-$15 can transform into.  I love that I'm blessed with creativity.  Can't wait to see where it continues to take me.

Outfit Details
Fuchsia Pink Button-down - Park Ave Thrift Duluth - $1.00
Walnut Brown Trousers - Park Ave Thrift Outlet Woodstock - $1.75
Sash/ Scarf - Last Chance Thrift Store Chamblee - $1.00
Shoes - Plato's Closet N, Druid Hills - $10.00

Dress For Success!!!

Hi Stylenista's

Last year I was invited to speak to a group of young lady's about the importance of dressing for success.  They liked me so much that they invited me back.  I was nervous because I'm not a public speaker and I never know how my audience will receive me.  Although I've gotten a lot better, I still get nervous.  In the past whenever I'd have to get in front of people and speak my underarms would get really sweaty (eww gross).  I would also have the widest smile on my face for no reason.  It was really embarrassing.  I've even been to the point where I had forgotten my own name.  Thank God for growth.

This pic below is the group of young lady's that I spoke to.