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Why I Don't Wear Makeup

Why I Don’t Wear Makeup, Top Atlanta Blogger,, Atlanta Street style

I’m a woman in my early 40’s and I don’t wear makeup. Basically my makeup routine consists of soap, water and lotion (and a facial cleanser from time to time). The closest I come to wearing makeup is the occasional mascara when I’m hanging out (and that’s if I remember) and lipstick (mainly for photoshoots).

Not wearing makeup is not a form of silent protest, I’ve never been into it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a nicely done beat face; it’s just not my thing. Even during my highschool days when a lot of girls were, I had no desire.

Having to get up early every morning just to paint my face is no es bueno. It’s time consuming and I don’t have time nor do I want to commit that kinda time for such a routine. I’d prefer to use that time snoozing or changing my mind about my first outfit choice.

I love my natural look. I really like how I look without it. Even in a room full of women who look amazing with it on, I’m still confident without it, so it works.

My final thoughts on makeup are although I may not ever be fully into it, I do appreciate my sisters who wear it well. And while I believe that makeup is not always necessary I have dabbled in it at least 3x’s in my lifetime. The last pic is me with a full beat face by WhippedbyKiara, pc: Mecca Gamble.

How confident you are without any makeup?

Photography: Kaylin James

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A Simple, Yet Cute Casual Outfit Inspo

Simple cute casual outfit

Yesterday was the first day of spring and here in Atlanta, it kinda felt like it.  So in celebration of warmer temps on the horizon, I give you today's look.

Before we get into the details of this look, have you noticed anything different with the site?  If you're a frequent visitor, you'll noticed quite a few changes.  (s/o to my web designer Jasmine of Jnicoledidit, she gets my site all the way together.)  So I wanted, no needed to make a few modifications in order to align with my goals for The Style Kläzit.  Although I'm still making a few updates, go ahead and take a look around.  Tell me what you think.  Leave me some feedback in the comments.  

Not only does the site have a new look, can you spot another change???  Okay, I'll give you a hint....  I'm not wearing sunglasses - Gasp!!!  So much for the hint, right?  Anywho, sunnies are sorta my security blanket, if you will, to cover up the fact that I don't wear makeup.  Aside from lipstick, I'm completely bare faced behind those shades.  No foundation, no blush, no bronzer - nothing.  I don't have anything against makeup, I just never got into it.  And not to be all braggy, but I don't really need it.  In this pic, I only have on lashes and lipstick.  

But whatevs, let's talk about today's simple yet cute casual outfit inspiration.  What I like most about this look is that it's super easy to style.  All I did was layer this olive vest (which is really a dress that was too small for me to button close) over this white shirt dress.  You can go with any number of shoe options, but for this look, I thought these ShoeDazzle 'Apple Platform Oxfords' would give this outfit a little bit of an edge.  Sad news guys, this shoe quickly sold out for obvious reasons and of course I can't find a similar option.  Adding the statement necklace keeps the neckline from looking so plain and boring.  I'm carrying this awesomely cute faux snake print backpack from Shein for the win!

I've worn this dress a number of times, but check out the last three times I've worn it -- HERE, HERE and HERE.  

simple cute casual outfit
simple cute casual outfit
simple cute casual outfit
simple cute casual outfit
simple cute casual outfit
simple cute casual outfit

Shirt Dress & Vest -- Thrifted // Shoes -- ShoeDazzle (old) // Backpack -- Shein (old)

Photo Cred: K Visuals

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