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3 Bang'n Black Handbag Designers You Should Know

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This post was suppose to go out yesterday, but my internet was being a hater.  UGGG!!! Anywho!  As we embark on back history month, I thought I'd start a little early by sprinkling some #blackgirlmagic on the blog today.  I'm not really sure when I stumbled upon these lady's but so glad I did.  Check on it...


Chris E. of BagJunki on instagram as @shopbagjunki is a self taught custom handbag designer currently residing in Savannah, GA.  Her creations are fabulously dope considering she's only been sewing since 2012.  Her designs range from clutch's to duffel bags.  What I love most about her bags are the array of patterns and designs.  Want one?  Grab your's >>> here!


Guys, I'll be honest, the first time I came across Cortnie's ig (@cortnieelizabeth) I thought she was a brand ambassador for some big handbag design company.  I'm like there's no way she's making these bags herself, until I read her bio.  Sure enough this cute little lady was the creative master mind behind these chic hand crafted beauties - LoveCortnie.  And to make things a lot more interesting, last year, Cortnie announced that she is expecting a little bundle of joy.  The extraordinary women that she is, designed her own a diaper bag.  I know you want one, get it >>> here!


Although I've never met Nikki, I completely understand her story (read her bio.)  Growing up, different one's would try to fit me into their idea of what I should look like which caused me so much grief, but once I said screw it! I was good.  The handbags designed by NikkiandMallory is her way of saying screw you society.  The quote that started it all - “SHE NEVER LOOKS THE SAME” is shown in the different variations of her bag designs.  Want to add a little pazazz to your life snag it >>> here

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