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A Stylish Outfit For Christmas Dinner

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The days are running away from me. I literally thought I had another week before Christmas. Are you ready for Christmas? I’m looking forward to spending time with my family.

Speaking of family, I can see it now, me walking into my parents’ house with this outfit on. Funny part about it is that nobody would even be surprised. More than likely one (or both) of my sister’s would shake her had at my extra-ness and my dad would probably have  tight smile on this face, then say that’s my Melli-Ann ( btw, I have no idea why he calls me that).

Dressing up for dinner at your parents may not warrant such a “doing the most” outfit like this, but putting a little effort into your look ain’t never hurt nobody.  However, if you’re visiting your new bae’s family for the first time this holiday season, a cute look is probably a good idea.  After all first impressions are lasting and often times before you even speak, you’ve already been judged. 

Now going all out for dinner at home with your folks may get you crowned queen doing the most, yet opting for a super dope look would be awesome for Holiday parties outside the home. Whether you decide to go for a more festive look or a street chic vibe, the point is do you!

While most people would probably go with some type of Christmas garment, sequins or jeans, a comfy sweater and boots. I’m showing up in today’s look. It’s vibrant, bold and makes a statement. For some this look is too much, but for those who are up for making a statement I hope this outfit inspires you to step outside the style box and try new things.  Until next time!

Photography: Kaylin James



Cute As A... I'm Just Cute

Hello Stylenista's!

Wow! We're already in the February.  Time waits for no one.  I'm so excited to see what this year will bring.  I'm destine for purpose, therefore I'm purpose driven.

Today's post is totally "thrifted,"  actually each piece came from various boutiques.

Outfit Details

Plaid Coat - Diva Diva Boutique // Vintage Dress - Red Tag Affair //Red Shoes  -Rag-O-Rama

Thrift Style Academy

Hi Stylenista's!

Class is in session!  Today's lesson is about creating your own look all while doing so on a budget.  If you've been following my blog, then you should know that you don't have to spend a lot in order to look trendy.  As for myself, I like to see how I can come up with my own trendy look.  

Guess what?  The only item that that I'm wearing that is NOT thrifted are my socks and shoes? And two of the pieces are name brand, get into that! This look is a mixture of a little vintage, a splash of modern with a twinkle of retro.  

Outfit details

Vintage blazer - Thrift Store - $1.00 

DIY jean vest -

Park Ave Thrift

Duluth - $2.50

Button down shirt -

Part Ave Thrift

Outlet Woodstock - $1.75

Tie - Thrift Store - $?

Khaki pants -

Part Ave Thrift

Outlet Woodstock - $1.75

Belt -

Part Ave Thrift

Outlet Woodstock - $1.75

Shoes -


Sparkle & Gold

Hi Stylenista's

Thirfting is soooo much fun.  You never know what you're going to find and not to mention it's very addictive.  I find myself at somebody's thrift store at least 2-4 times a week.  But the way I look at it, I can get quality and quantity at the same time.

Happy Monday!
Outfit Details
Top - Goodwill Marietta - $6.00
Skirt - Diva Diva Boutique - $8.00
Shoes - Shoedazzle


80's Girl

Hi there Stylenista's

I had a fun filled weekend.  Saturday I attended Thrifting Atlanta's monthly bus tour hosted by Keren Charles of TwoStylishKays.  Although I must admit by the fourth stop I was pooped, however, I was not going to be defeated and miss out on an awesome find.

I think I'm in love with vintage fashion. - the conservative look of the 30's - the classic look of the 40's - the tailored look of the 50's - the mod look of the late 60's - not a fan of the 70's, except for the natural hair movement and the vibrant colors of the 80's.  As far a today's fashion goes, most of it is a recreation of past fashion era's.

Getting to my outfit... This blazer was a must have.  I got it while attending an event earlier this year.  My favorite part about this blazer are the different colored striped buttons.  I went back and forth about wearing this pleated hounds-tooth mini but as you can see I wore it.

Outfit Details
80s Blazer - Styleissheonline - $15.00
Pleated hounds-tooth skirt - Plato's Closet Duluth - $8.00
Handbag - Goodwill - $2.00
Head scarf  - St. Vincent de Paul Duluth - $1.00

Dots & Prints

Hey there Stylenista's

Happy Wednesday!  One more day and then it's Friday.

I'm not sure why, but I'm sooo looking forward to this fall season.  Maybe it's because I have a few pieces that I've been really anxious to wear (shrugs shoulders).  Anywho...

From all of my previous post, you should know that I really love mixing prints.  Today is no different.  What prints have you mixed together?

Outfit Details
Express Polka Dot Blazer - Gifted - Free for me
Black Forever21 tank - $1.90
Belt - Body Central - $1.90
Animal Print Skirt - Park Ave Thrift Duluth - 2.00
Shoes - ?

Natural Chic

Hey there Stylenista's!

I call this look natural chic.... I have been natural for over 2 years and I LOVE it.  I wish I would have done it earlier.  I didn't grow up wearing makeup and I never learned how to apply it so I don't wear.  I'm okay with my natural beauty.

Outfit Details:

Top - Thrifted - $1.00
Skirt - Thrifted - $2.00
Shoes - Plato's Closet - $10
Belt - Thrifted - .50
Accessory's - B&R Thrift Store - $1.50/ set