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Another Look From This Red Striped Shirt

This shirt owes me nothing! I’m a thrifter at heart, but from time to time I do shop retail. After a little hesitation to buy this shirt I gave in. I didn’t want to rely on the thrift gawds to gift me something similar. Glad I didn’t

I think this look is probably my favorite, maybe because I decided to leave a few of the top buttons unbuttoned (being fast). My second fave look wearing this red striped shirt is very similar to this look.

But check out the other time I wore it, like with a pair of polka dotted jeans or this red monochromed look. I also mixed it some Adidas joggers for an athleisurewear look.

How are you re-wearing some of your favorite pieces? Drop a line in the comment and let’s chat about it.

Photography: Kaylin James