A Denim On Denim Look Inspired by Style Maven Rihanna

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I have a handful of style muses whose style speaks to my creativity and Rihanna is one of them. Her style is hands down iconic. She can wear a trash bag and make it look high fashion. Today’s look is inspired by Bad girl Ri Ri.

A few years ago a picture of Rihanna hit the internet of her wearing an all denim look. I never thought to recreate that look until now. But for my rendition of the look, I decided to wear my denim top backwards.

I opted for heels (for photo opt purposes only) and this thrifted neon yellow mini messenger bag for my accessories.

Are there any celebrities whose style you absolutely love? Have you thought about recreating a look you’ve seen a celebrity wear? Drop me a line in the comments, I’m always looking for style inspiration.

Photography: Kaylin James