Nudes for color women

The Darker The Berry....

I love the skin I'm in....  I think that even if I had a choice, I would still chose my brown skin!  

From a young girl til now, I've always made it my business to make sure my under garments matched.  My (silly) reasoning was that if for any reason my undies were uncovered, I didn't want to be embarrassed.  One thing I noticed early on was that the color "nude" didn't apply to my skin tone.  For women of color it was near impossible to find underclothes and hosiery that was our kind of nude..... until NOW!

Ade Hassan, founder of Nubian Skin, a London based female entrepreneur has come to our rescue.  THANK YOU!!!!!!  Her dissatisfaction and frustration for the scarce selection of nude options for women of color lead her to create a new type of nude for our darker complexions.  The collection can be found at Nordstrom.

I'll be addING a set to my lingerie collection soon.....

Meet Ade Hassan