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FEATURE Friday with
Parker Simmons

Changing the world one bad outfit at a time!

* Who is Parker Simmons?

     Believe it or not, this is a somewhat challenging question.  However, I'm a straight forward person; what you see is what you get.  I'm fiercely loyal and I believe that my purpose in life is to help people whenever I can.

* What do you find most exciting about being a fashion and lifestyle bloggers?

     Seeing how what I do impacts other peoples lives.  Encouraging people to take a risk, wear a bold color or wear a fitted shirt or a bodycon dress even though they may feel like they don't have the perfect body.  I feels great to be recognized for my talent.

*What's the most rewarding opportunity that you've experienced as a result of blogging?

     I've had a lot of amazing opportunities.  Working with Henri Bendel and hosting events for them.  Most recently I was able to travel to New York with Lane Bryant.  On a personal note, my most memorable experience was when I was hosting an event and I noticed a young lady who was on the verge of breaking down because of her weight.  Being able to relate, I made it my mission to help her see how beautiful she was and we (the store manager and I) worked to pull together a few looks for her 16th birthday party.

*What's your biggest challenge about being a blogger?

     Blogging is challenging period.  Having to deal with all the politics of the blogging community.  Or the attitudes and the feelings of entitlement.  Some relationships have changed or have been lost all together.  Right now I'm in a place of rediscovering myself, so I haven't been blogging as much lately. 

*Who does your amazing photography?

     For my professional photos, I work with a few photographers.  My everyday pics are taken by my co-worker/work husband using my iPhone.  I use my selfie stick when there isn't anyone around.

* As a stylist, what are the top 3 staple pieces to keep in your closet?

     A great pair of jeans.  A good ol crisp white button-down or a denim shirt.  And of course a statement skirt (gotta have it.)  

* Do you have any fashion rules when putting a look together?

     I always start with my shoes.  Whenever I start putting together a look, I build it from the bottom up.

* In 3 words describe your personal style.

     Flirty / Classic / Chic

* How often do you shop? What item(s) do you splurge on?

     I really don't shop a lot.  I prefer to recycle looks or see how many ways I can recreate a piece.  I shop maybe once a quarter.  If I do any shopping it's mostly for shoes and accessories.  I splurge on my custom made skirts or really nice statement pieces.  

* How did you come up with Everyday Runway?

    It was originally named Parker's Playground for a column in a digital magazine I used to write with.  About a year into writing I changed it to Everyday Runway.  When the magazine dissolved I continued writing under Everyday Runway.      

* Is there anything you'd like to add?

Words to live by (from my grandmother): Look as good as you can, as long as you can, and look bad when you can't do any better

"Make the world your personal runway and see you on the front row."

Inspiration = Inspired

Hello Stylenista's

Happy Thursday!!! I hope all is well.

As a fashion lover, I follow everything fashion related.  So one day while scrolling down my FB timeline, Mimi Goodwin of Mimi G Style had posted a DIY picture.  Before I could even read to see what the DIY was, I was drawn to her shoes.  She paired my fave color combo (black & white) with the cutest floral print pumps by Steve Madden.  Like a lioness on the prowl I headed straight to SM website.  Imagine my enthusiasm when I saw that they were still available in my size.  But to my dismay they were more than what I wanted to pay - they are $100!!!  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not cheap. I just didn't want to pay a buck for them.

After months of stalking this pump and coming close (several times) to buying it, I almost passed out when JustFab sent an email showcasing their March selection and they had a similar pump for purchase.  I was so excited only to have the air let out of my balloon when I went to order it and it was sold out, apparently, I wasn't the only one thirsting for this shoe.  However, I never gave up hope.  I knew that one day "Madison" and I would be united.  Today I can say that she's on her way home!

JustFab version
Steve Madden version


Cute As A... I'm Just Cute

Hello Stylenista's!

Wow! We're already in the February.  Time waits for no one.  I'm so excited to see what this year will bring.  I'm destine for purpose, therefore I'm purpose driven.

Today's post is totally "thrifted,"  actually each piece came from various boutiques.

Outfit Details

Plaid Coat - Diva Diva Boutique // Vintage Dress - Red Tag Affair //Red Shoes  -Rag-O-Rama


FEATURE Friday With

Edgy, chic, bold and trendy.  These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of this stylenista.  Meet NeShanta Davis a.k.a. Ms. Style Is She.    

First of all let me say that this look (pictured above) is everything and more.  
Check out our conversation...

*When did you realize you had a flare for styling?
     I've always been into fashion, it has been at the forefront of my life since forever.  I opened a boutique after I moved to Atlanta.  I think that was the catalyst for many styling opportunities to come.  One of my close friends, who is also a celebrity stylist, recognized my potential.  She took me under her wings. After about a year, I launched out on my own.     

*How long does it take for you to put a look together?
     It depends on the day and my mood.  Sometimes I can be really anal and other times I can be really indecisive.  Ask me how long it takes for me to get my room back together on those indecisive days.  Lol!

*You were in the military for 10 years.  How did this time period effect your ability to express your sense of style?

     Being in the military completely hinders your creativity.  However, I was born to break the rules.  Military guidelines only allow women to carry a certain type of black bag.  When the majority of the other women carried that one bag, I had 20 different black bags.  The handbook stated that we only have 3 inches of hair in bulk, I would have  maybe a millimeter over the 3 inches.  And just for spice things up, I'd sneak in a little 1B33 hair color.  

*What prompted you to start blogging?

     Blogging was the platform that I used to highlight my style.  I wanted to show people how, with just a few coins, I could create a top dollar look.

*How did you transition from military vet to wardrobe stylist?

     Well, I had to leave the military due to medical issues.  I thought now that I'm a civilian, I may as well get a good corporate job with 401K, benefits and enjoy the 2 weeks of vacation a year until I retired.  So after a lot of upsets and set-ups, my husband suggested that I follow my passion.  

*Who is your favorite style icon or stylist?

*What is your favorite trend(s) this season?

     Right now, I am OBSESSED with plaids.  My other two are leather and fur 

*As "The" thrift maven, do you repeat looks or styles?

     If you had asked me that a few years ago, I might have been offended. Today, it's a challenge for me to see how many ways I can recreate each piece.  It's a determining factors when I'm selecting pieces envisioning how many ways I can style it.

*Where did Style Is She come from?

     I started out as NeShanta Stylish She.  But not knowing  the law or business etiquette; I was almost sued over the name.  Very quickly I had to change the name.  Since I already had a following and to keep down confusion I wanted something similar to the old name.  So I decided on Style Is She.   

*Fashion often ostracize curvy girls; what's your opinion on style and size?

    It's kind of two-fold for me.  I'm a firm believer in self expression.  However, every trend isn't meant for everybody.  While I applaud those who have the courage to do it regardless of their size; I still feel you should respect your body type and dress appropriate.  Joan Rivers said it best, "Just because it zips doesn't mean it fits."  

Just a word of advise for those wanting to get into the fashion industry - The fashion industry is cut throat.  You have to have tough skin and a strong determination.  Do whatever it takes to stay on top of your game.  Figure out your niche and make it work for you.  Be Consistent, Persistent and Never give up.