FaShun Pop-up Shop

How goes it !!!!

Let me first start off by saying that I'm soo excited about my future.  The harder I work on building my brand, the better I feel about what lies ahead.  Whew, I just needed to get that out!!!

About last night... I attended Stylist Shun Melson's FaShun Pop-up Shop at Negril Village Atlanta.  Aside from the the sweltering heat, the event was fun.  And although I don't know Shun personally, she was very approachable and friendly - You know some people when they "arrive" get really funky acting.  Outside of networking and meeting new people, I was also scouting out fab looks.  Posted at the end is a quick video of some of my fave looks from last night.  Speaking of looks, Get Into My Look!!!

Outfit Details
Vintage top - Park Ave Thrift Outlet Woodstock - $1.25
DIY Jeans - Forever21 - $8.00
Shoes - JcPenney 
Handbag - Shoedazzle (b/day gift from SD)