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Going Back In Time At The Red Phone Booth - Atlanta

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If I could go back in time, I’d have to stopped in the 20’s, if only to be able to sashay around town in a fancy flapper dress. And just to prove that I’m down for whatever, you’d catch me hanging out in speakeasy clubs enjoying a good bootleggers’ spirit all while looking over my shoulder just in case the law came barging in because Prohibition was in full effect. Although the Prohibition era was abolished you can still experience a speakeasy atmosphere at the Red Phone Booth in Downtown Atlanta.

Getting into these illicit establishments was no easy feat, you needed a secret code.  Meaning you would’ve needed to know the woman, who was dating the man, who’s friends with the guy around the corner, who’s momma’s husband was the plug.  RPB keeps the tradition going, because you’ll need to know the secret passcode (which changes btw) to enter.  With the passcode in hand you’re on your way to an evening of soothing jazz, burning cigars and delicious eats.  Oh, did I mention that the phone is an old rotary phone that really works!

Over all my experience was good. The ambiance was sophisticated.  The food was delicious, especially the fried calamari and lamb meatballs (surprisingly since I’m not a red sauce fan).  Judging from the empty glasses, it might be safe to assume that the drink selections weren’t too shabby either.  The wait staff was friendly and the service was great. 

The next time you’re up in the air about what to do for date night, girl’s night out or if you happen to be vising Atlanta you should check out Red Phone Booth - 17 Andrew Young International Blvd, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303 || (404) 228-7528

Thanks to Nikka Shae of Drink.Dine.Do for inviting me.