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Dinner At Twelve Eighty

Atlanta Food Blogger, 1280 Inspired Dining

Every year I swear Christmas sneaks up on me and this year is no different.  And even less than a week away, I haven't bought not one Christmas present.  But I'm so unbothered...

I'm so weird when it comes to food that my husband always asks me what I want for dinner, because I almost never want to eat what he wants to eat.  So to make up for all my "I don't know what I want to eat moments"  I brought hubs along for dinner at Twelve Eighty.  Guys, this experience was one for the books.  I loved the space, especially the large mirrored orbs on the wall.  The staff was very friendly and professional.  They almost had me feeling like a celebrity. 

Located on Sifly Piazza between the Memorial Arts Building and the High Museum in Midtown, this restaurant is one that you need to add to your "must visit" list.  Just recently they introduced new items to their fall menu which consists of local, farm to fork offerings for everyone.  This includes my veggie and vegan friends.  Be sure to check out their full menu.  

Atlanta Food Blogger, 1280 Inspired Dining

Attending on a media invite, we were able to taste all the new items on their fall menu, including the suggested cocktail.  I'm not sure if I want to admit this, but I'm kinda like a kid when it comes to food.  If it doesn't look or smell good, I'm not touching or tasting it.  But guys, everything they brought out was beautifully presented.  It was the sound of forks hitting plates, that let you know that the food was delicious. 

My faves were:

  • Pimento Deviled Eggs -- Pimento Cheese, Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon, Fresh Herbs and Smoked Chilli Cream over a bed of mixed greens and pomegranate
  • Crusted Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad -- Field Greens, Peruvian Purple & Fingerling Potatoes, Tiny Beans, Blistered Grape Tomato, Fresh Radishes, Egg, Nicoise Pesto, Citrus Vinigraigrette
  • The “High Museum” Pastrami -- Shaved Pastrami, House Made Slaw, Gruyere Cheese, 1000 Island Dressing and Marble Rye
  • Shrimp & Andouille Skillet -- Logan Turnpike Jalapeno & Sweet Corn Stone Ground Grits, Spicy Andouille, Shrimp, Pickled Okra
  • Roasted Turkey & Pepper Jack -- Golden Farms Organic Turkey, Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon, Sundried Tomato Aioli, Arugula on Ciabatta Bread
Atlanta Food Blogger, 1280 Inspired Dining

After indulging in all the scrumptiousness, I barely had enough room for dessert.  There were three:  Classic Creme Brulee, Almond Tres Leches Cake and Pots De Creme Chocolate Pudding.


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Dinner At Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse - Atlanta

I am the total opposite of a foodie.  There are even days when I only eat one good meal a day.  However, I had the opportunity to dine with the Atlanta Food & Lifestyle Bloggers' Society for a private media event at Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse in Atlanta and it was amazing.

Like I said before, I'm not a foodie, but I'll devour a couple pounds of crablegs and a side of shrimp with garlic butter to dip my crab meat in (yuummmy!)  Yet after last weeks dinner experience at Chama Gaucha, I may be switching to steak.  Guys, the filet mignon was e-very-thing!  And I'm not just saying that because it was my first time having it.  It was so tender and really delicious. 

The evening started with a tasty salad from the self-serve salad bar.  Two of my fave items from the bar was the most delish chicken salad (which I had to force myself to stopping eating before I got to full) and the smoked salmon.  Before I could even finish my salad in comes several skewers of their delectable MEATS!  Y'all, Chama has an incredible selection of meat options.  And I tried my very best to partake in sampling each piece the gaucho (trained Brazilian chef) brought to our table.  

Speaking of the gaucho, these guys actually bring the meat to you on large skewers.  I thought, wow! How cool is that.  Even cooler is the carving of the meats is controlled by you with a red and green sided card. The green side lets the server know that you'd like a piece of meat, while the red side tells them to hold off.  My card was turned on the green side most of the night.

After eating about 10-12 different pieces of meat and another salad I had reached my limit.  Only to to be told that dessert was on the way.  No sooner than that announcement was made, in comes the servers with plates of these humongous slices of cheesecake, colorful pieces of key lime pie, creme brulee and more.  If I'd known about the desserts I would have saved some room for a slice of cheesecake. 

One of the highlights of the night was when Chef Laurel Elliott came out to chat it up with the group.  Even sharing a few pointers on how some of the meats are prepared and cooked. 

How awesome would it be if you could experience your own night at Chama Gaucha?  Well lady's and gents, you can.  I'm giving away a Dinner For Two to one lucky winner.  The give-away starts at 6:00 pm tonight and to enter head over to my Instagram account and follow the instructions.   

For authentic Brazilian cuisine be sure to visit Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse at 3365 Piedmont Rd NE, Suite 1350 • Atlanta, GA 30305.  

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