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Is It Okay To Wear Boots In The Springtime? ABSOLUTELY!

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I used to think girls were crazy for wearing sandals in the wintertime and boots in the springtime, but my-oh-my have things changed. Okay so maybe not things, but me, I've changed. Now I'm one of those girls who wears sandals in the winter - see HERE & HERE and boots in the springtime. Hence today's outfit post with these super cute white heeled booties.

The trick to getting away with bringing this trend into spring fashion is to opt for booties or ankle boots instead of the calf or OTK length boots. Another style tip is to choose spring-like colors. It could even be a bootie with a cut-out or peep toe giving off spring vibes.

For today's look I paired these white ankle boots with a knee-length denim skirt and a long sleeve red striped button down. I pushed the sleeves up for a casually cute look. Now if you’re not into the whole skirt look, a pair of boyfriend jeans with a T-shirt works perfectly as well. And for my girly girls you can definitely throw on a maxi dress with an oversize lightweight blazer and call it a look.

Listen you guys, when it comes to fashion there are no rules. As long as it works for you, do it!

What are your thoughts on wearing boots in the spring? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

Photography: Morgan Haynes



TP² Menswear Fashion Show || Recap

Melodie Stewart, Atlanta Style Blogger, TP Squared Menswear Fashion Show

Discover the new Menswear Fashion Collection of TP² Men’s Fall/Winter 2019 fashion show sponsored by Christopher Metzler, CEO of Mannish W

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the “Press Play” runway show hosted by menswear clothing designers Tim Parks and Toney Powell at the Ambient Plus Studios in Atlanta.  The show displayed styles and fashion pieces that brought to the stage a unique mixture of colors and textures that are not only fashion forward but would be perfect for today’s modern man who’s looking to serve a bold look at their next board meeting or for a photo opt on the red carpet.

During the fashion show, the duo showcased pieces from their Spring/Summer swimwear collection, mens fashionable underwear and introduced us to their new Fall/Winter line.  Toney and Tim are not novices to the fashion scene.  Their pieces continue to grace the runway of high-end stores such as Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus.  In fact, I’m proud to say that I was given the opportunity to style the women’s collection at their first fashion show in 2015.

The presentation also featured the collections of womenswear Fashion Designer Isaac Spry and Hat Designer Otis Damon.

Check out some pics from the event and be sure to follow TP² on Instagram via tp2atlanta.      

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FEATURE Friday: TP² Menswear Apparel

It's FEATURE Friday!!! 

Meet Tim Parks & Toney Powell of TP² Menswear Apparel. For some time now, women and female fashion has dominated the fashion world.  But men are quickly making their mark in this industry.  With New York Men's Fashion Week happening, I find it quick befitting to be styling (the lady's portion) in a men's apparel fashion show.  Tim Parks and Toney Powell of TP² Menswear Apparel  will be hosting their first fashion show Saturday, July, 25th - EVOLUTION.

TP² offers a variety of custom menswear pieces that will attract the attention of any fashion conscience man.  Their collection is a mixture of high fashion, trendy, bold, edgy, sexy and most importantly masculine garments.   

Check it out.......

Their pieces have graced the runway of Bloomingdale's "Mad About Fashion" Event; "Burlesque for Breasts, fundraiser event; Northside Cancer Institute "Wine, Women & Shoes" fundraiser; Bauder Black Tie Fashion show, just to name a few