80s fashion

Express Yourself!

Hello Stylenista's,

It's still winter, ughh!  There has to be a reason for cold weather, although I have yet to find out why.  You know, when you're different, sometimes you don't see the millions of people who accept you for who you are.  All you notice is the person who doesn't - Jodi Picoult

Growing up I always felt like the oddball, the weird one or as my father so affectionately calls me the "X" factor.  I never really "fit" in.  It's amazing how long a person can go in life without really knowing who they are or really being free to be who they are.  Though I might not be all I'm suppose to be or where I'm suppose to be; I'm on my way! 

Sometimes, I like playing in my closet just to see what I can come up with.  Sometimes I get and sometimes I don't.  Either way it's fun.

Outfit Details
Red Cardigan - thrifted - <$2.00 
Graphic Tee - F21 - $10?
Multi-colored Houndstooth print skirt - The Thrifty Lioness - $12.00
Polka-dot socks - Target - $2.50
Black Booties - ShoeDazzle - ???

80's Girl

Hi there Stylenista's

I had a fun filled weekend.  Saturday I attended Thrifting Atlanta's monthly bus tour hosted by Keren Charles of TwoStylishKays.  Although I must admit by the fourth stop I was pooped, however, I was not going to be defeated and miss out on an awesome find.

I think I'm in love with vintage fashion. - the conservative look of the 30's - the classic look of the 40's - the tailored look of the 50's - the mod look of the late 60's - not a fan of the 70's, except for the natural hair movement and the vibrant colors of the 80's.  As far a today's fashion goes, most of it is a recreation of past fashion era's.

Getting to my outfit... This blazer was a must have.  I got it while attending an event earlier this year.  My favorite part about this blazer are the different colored striped buttons.  I went back and forth about wearing this pleated hounds-tooth mini but as you can see I wore it.

Outfit Details
80s Blazer - Styleissheonline - $15.00
Pleated hounds-tooth skirt - Plato's Closet Duluth - $8.00
Handbag - Goodwill - $2.00
Head scarf  - St. Vincent de Paul Duluth - $1.00