Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone In This Bodycon Dress

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One garment that hasn't existed in my closet for years is a fitted dress.  The main reason has everything to do with the fact that I didn't like my body after my son was born (10 years ago).  While I lucked out in not getting stretch marks, I now had a mom gut.  At first I could suck in and be okay but after a while that no longer worked.  That being the case I stopped wearing anything that would highlight my pouch.

For years I've envied (in a healthy way) other women who wore fitted clothes without a care in the world.  Only wishing that I was brave enough to pull off wearing something that clung so close to my body.  Not to mention my husband has been pressing me to wear more dresses since before we've been married.  He says women look sexy in dresses, especially fitted dresses.  And although he tells me all the time that I have a great body, my confidence level for wearing tight clothing (except for jeans) just wasn't there.  Wearing anything that highlights my stomach is really out of my comfort zone from a style perspective.  But slowing I'm learning to embrace my body ("flaws" and all) and to stop being so critical of myself.

So you guys, I threw caution to the wind, faced my fear (I had to psyched myself out in the process) and intentionally bought this green bodycon dress.  Honestly, I was skeptical.  Was I going to look a hot mess?  Was I going to have to not eat in order to keep my stomach from poking out?  It wasn't until I got home, tried it on, walked out the bathroom and asked my husband what he thought.... lets just say the dress didn't stay on long (wink, wink).

Since I was going for the fitted look, I still kept in mind the importance of getting something that would compliment my shape.  That's why I sized up.  I didn't want the dress so tight that it looked like I painted my skin nor did I want all my rolls and dents making an appearance.  

For an even more bold move (for me), I opted not to wear a shaper.  If I was going to welcome this new found love for my body I didn't want to squeeze her into something so constricting.  However, if you need to wear one be sure to focus on a foundational garments without seams.  Pantylines are the worst!  

As always I hope this look inspires you to face your fears and step outside your own style comfort zone.  Btw, be on the lookout for how I styled the black version of this bodycon dress.  

Drop a line below and let me know how you plan to step out.

Photographer: Kaylin James