Protecting Your Right As A Fashion Blogger

Melodie Stewart, The Style Klazit,, Rights As A Fashion Blogger

Now that I'm taking my blogging career serious, there are a few things I didn't know was important.  Thanks to Cait of Caits Cozy Corner, she's getting me all together with regards to protecting myself as a blogger.  So I want to share this post with you just in case you didn't know 

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So, you’ve decided to become a fashion blogger! It’s exciting! Free clothes? Free advertisement? Free everything! Ummmm nope! It’s not like that at all friends ha! Being a blogger isn’t all as glamorous as some people think and truth be told, as bloggers in general, we need to know our rights to protect this business we are creating!  I came up with a few tips and points to share with you all on making sure your blog is up to date with all it’s legal protections! Feel free to check these off your list or add them if you haven’t already updated your blog!

  1. Terms and Conditions - Having this on your blog is like having a ‘rule’ set for your blog. This is where you’re able to tell your readers what type of behavior is acceptable on your blog both as you by the website owner and the actions by your followers/readers. Here you can share your policies and advise on comments that won’t be tolerated. Making sure these terms and conditions are upfront can help protect your blog in the future if things can turn sour.
  2. Privacy Statement - You NEED this if you are sharing personal information on your blog like outfits that you bought at a local boutique or your opinion on the new fall line coming. This means that you’re telling your visitors what information to collect when they are on your site. It’s important because it shows your visitors what you are doing what their information which helps them trust you and your services. Basically you want them to know you’re not taking their personal information and selling it out to someone else.
  3. Sponsored Content- The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, is the governmental body that protects consumers from deceptive marketing and advertising. For example, this post right here is a sponsored one so I had Melodie share that it was a ‘sponsored post’ at the beginning of the article. You must always disclose this whenever you are promoting a brand or product. The purpose is to let your consumers know about your vested interest so they can be fully informed.
  4. Hire A Lawyer/CPA -CPAs are Certified Public Accountants that work with a range of financial matters.  These can be individuals, firms or institutions that provide these services.  Typically, you’ll hire a CPA for help with preparing your taxes and financial planning for your Blogging business.  These individuals offer way more benefits than merely inputting of financial reports, as they are licensed and educated to provide strategy advice and advisement for matters you may approach in your business. Lawyers are individuals who are licensed at a State level, to practice law.  Lawyers are generally licensed (there are exceptions) but often specialize in the type of cases they take on. One lawyer to help in tough situations that can arise is the Law Office of Glen P. Burn. He has over 15 years experience in the state of Georgia and has a reasonable cost. You can have complete trust and confidence he’s on your side to help you understand your rights when you need him the most. He also specializes in juvenile crimes and delinquency, assault, battery and family violence. What does that have to do with blogging? Be aware of those stalkers that might come to call! You’ll want to have a lawyer on hand to have the necessary paperwork ready!
  5. Marketing - When it comes to blogging, we share our blog on various social media, guest posting, giveaways and more! When it comes to giveaways make sure you are complying with the laws of the state and country where you’re hosting it. Also make sure that your email marketing is being honest and aren’t spamming people ( meaning people that are signing up to get your newsletter)!
  6. Update - Make sure as a blogger to always update any of these items on your blog with a date and let your followers know of changes! This will keep your blog fresh and your followers/viewers happy! I always tend to check mine every few months to keep it simple and easy for my followers to know that I’m staying current.

There are several other ways to protect yourself as a blogger but these are a few that I think are the most important when wanting to become a blogger or a fashion blogger at that. It can be overwhelming for sure but keep at it and it won’t be a chore anymore but second nature. You got this blogger babes! How will you help protect yourself as a blogger?