I Gave This Skirt Away, Now I Want It Back

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I thought I was cute the day I wore this outfit, but then…  Gather around guys and gals its short story time.

Two weeks ago, my friends and I planned to hang out to celebrate two of the lady’s upcoming birthday.  It had been awhile, and I was looking forward to seeing them.  Three days before our girl’s night out, it dawned on me - what am I going to wear?  After contemplating several options, I finally created (in my head) THE winning look. 

The day of per usual I’m running late so I didn’t really check out my outfit to make sure it was the look I was going for.    

I’m at the event enjoying my friends, living it up when the photographer grabs my attention and ask to snap a pic.  Of course!  I’m not going to pass up a good photo opt. So, I smiled for the camera. 

The next day the host shares the pic with me and to my dismay I disliked how I looked.  I immediately started judging myself, I threw shade and side-eyed my own self.  It was the skirt.  I hated how I looked in it.  I felt like it made me look dumpy and it was jacked up in the back.

As soon as I got home, I grabbed the skirt out of my closet, threw it in the bag that I was taking to Goodwill that weekend. 

Almost at the end guys, hang with me…

Ironically, I’d shot this look the weekend before the event and hadn’t gotten the pictures back.  So, I still hadn’t really gotten a good look of myself in this outfit.  As fate would have it, I dropped my donations off on Saturday and got my pictures back on Sunday.  Scrolled through each of the pictures of this look and instantly regretted giving the skirt away.  Now I want it back!

What I learned from this ordeal… I have to stop being so critical of myself. But more importantly, don’t give clothes away when I’m in my feeling!

Photography:  Kaylin James      

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