How I Overcame My Shopping Addiction

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Hello my name is Melodie and I am addicted to shopping… Or at least I use to be.

Last year, a few months before our vow renewal, packages were arriving at our door step almost every day. After about the 7th package my husband put his foot down and told me to stop shopping. I was devastated! How was I going to resist not being able to buy all the cute clothes, shoes and accessories that caught my eye.

Although the Mr put a halt to my mini (and frequent) shopping sprees, it was only temporary; just until we got through our renewal in January. Going on an (involuntary) shopping fast was a huge eye opener. No more impulse buying. No more buying because the deal is to good to pass up. And as painful as it was (at first) I really needed it. It forced me to actually wear the old and new things already in my closet. Also after about a month I noticed a few extra coins sitting in my account since I wasn’t spending money on things I didn’t even need.

During my no shopping period I learned a few things…

-      I shopped out of FOMO (fear of missing out).  I felt that if I didn’t get the item then I’d miss out on it forever – especially if the item was on sale.

-      I shopped because I was bored and had the money to spend.

-      I shopped if I was in a bad mood or a good mood. Shopping was a mood!

-      I shopped if I saw another style influencer with something I wanted.

-      I shopped just because.

Realizing that I have plenty of clothes in my closet and understanding that I didn’t need to buy every single item I saw was major. Truth be told most of the stuff I was buying I wasn’t immediately wearing anyway (I mean I still have items I’ve never worn from two and three years ago - sad right). This is why I’m on my Shop Your Closet journey. Not only am I saving money, I’m rediscovering different ways to wear a few of my fave pieces. Aaannnddd, I know longer have to deal with buyer’s remorse - the sense of regret after having made a purchase.

Nowadays I’m learning to be more intentional about how I spend my money. The level of discipline I’ve achieved has been quite rewarding. However for you that may still struggle with excessive shopping or overspending you’re not alone. If I’m being honestly I still have moments when I fight (mentally) against the urge to shop (I’ve lost a few times). And though I’ve not quit shopping entirely, I’ve curtailed it a lot. 

If you want to cut down on shopping so much, let me share with you a few steps I’ve taken to help me maintain the need to shop, shop, shop.

-       Don’t buy it the first time you see something.  Wait at least two weeks or more and if after waiting a few weeks you still feel the same way about the item and it’s in your budget - buy it.

-        Ask yourself do I really need this item.  Do I have something similar already that works?

-        Shop your own closet. Look for ways to re-wear items you already have.

-        Organize your closet so that it’s easier for you to see what you have. Get rid of old things that make you feel like you ‘need’ to go shopping.

These are just a few things I’ve done over the last few months to keep me from falling off the shopping wagon. I hope you found this (long) post valuable. Drop a line in the comments and let me know.

Photography: Kaylin James