Adding Color To Your Winter Wardrobe

wearing pink during winter, pink sweater, pink blazer

This season I decided to add more colorful pieces into my winter wardrobe. Although there’s nothing wrong with the darker hues, color is just more exciting. Adding bold splashes of color is super easy and anybody (female or male) can achieve a stylish look.

The color that I choose for this look, pink, is still one of my least favorite colors, but here I am rocking it with style and grace. What’s funny is my silly reason for not liking the pink. I didn’t like pink growing up because I was a tomboy and wanted nothing to do with anything to feminine and girly. Nowadays it’s not even that big a deal.

Incorporating bright and playful colors into your winter wardrobe can range from pieces like this bubble gum pink blazer and sweater combo in today’s look or something as simple as a handbag, a belt or shoes. You could even add a pop of vivid lip color if you’re feeling frisky. Just to prove to you that I’m here for adding color to my winter wardrobe, check out this neon sweater look or this highlighter yellow hoodie look or my fave, this hot pink blazer look.

What are your thoughts on wearing color in the wintertime?

Photography: Kaylin James