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Hi Stylenista's,

Happy Holidays!  Are you getting into the holiday spirit?  I'm starting to get there.  I'm just looking forward to not having to wake up as early.  I also have a few upcoming events that I'm a little excited about.  Any reason for me to "dress up" I'm all for it.  I get really charged when I'm thinking about what I'd like to wear for an event.

January 2015 will mark 6 years of married for me.  When my husband and I first met, we weren't fond of each other's style.  I thought he dressed like an old (dare I say it) pimp and he thought I was over the top.  However, after a little (a lot) of persuading, he has stepped out of the box and now you can't hardly tell him anything.  What's funny is that whenever we have a function to attend, you'd think we were preparing for some red carpet event.  To top it all off, our 5 year old son has inherited his parents style gene.

Outfit Details

Black Sweater - Thrifted

Cream Vest -

Upscale Resale Consignment Store

Black Skinny Jeans -


Tall Boots -


P.S. My husband is partially thrifted.  His blazer and button down shirt is thrifted. BTW, he styled his self.  My son's attire is from

K&G menswear

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