3 Things I Plan To Do Differently In 2019

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Photography: Kaylin James

It’s the last day of January and I’m feeling pret-ty good. Crossing over into the new year, I didn’t write up a list of resolutions that I probably wasn’t going to accomplish anyway. Instead, I decided to re-evaluate my current status and look for areas of opportunities to improve on.

Last year when I attended Werk Pray Slay, a women’s empowerment conference, hosted by Koereyelle, I had the opportunity to interview her afterwards. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. Of all the questions that I asked Koe, one particular answer struck a cord with me…

MS: What’s your biggest piece of advice you have for female entrepreneurs?

Koe: Know what you want.  In order to chase your dreams/visions you have to know yourself enough to know what you want.

Ever since, I’ve been on a mission to re-discover what DOI want. The answer >>> I want to elevate myself - personally and professionally. Meaning I’ll be removing people, places and things out of my life that aren’t doing me any good and replacing it with all the people, places and things that will help me improve myself. Although there are more than three things I could do differently, here are three areas I plan to start with first:


My mind runs a mile a minute. I’m constantly thinking of just about everything, from bills and family to my blog and brand. Getting focused is a struggle let me tell you. But this year I’m honing in on how to eliminate distractions so that I can focus on what matters. Another struggle for me and maybe one of my biggest obstacles is procrastination. This thorn in my side has caused me much frustration. Because my mind is always in overdrive I’m either not starting or starting something and not finishing. However, what I’m learning to do is identify and prioritize what deserves my attention and then dedicate time to focus on completing the task.

Other tricks I hope will work is doing one thing at a time or completely unplugging for a bit in order to re-set then start again.


THIS! There was once a time I prayed and studied my bible everyday. Nowadays, not so much. Being a pew baby, sometimes I feel bad for missing out on my prayer and study time. While I can offer up a 1000 excuses (and some may even be legit), there isn’t any excuse good enough for not giving the Father his time. Although I haven’t come up with an effective method for incorporating this special time with the Lord into my daily living, I am focusing on taking this journey one day at a time.


I’ll admit, social media has been the devil for me at times. Scrolling down Facebook and Instagram taking in all these beautifully curated squares showcasing “the life”, I started to question my own existence (okay maybe that’s a bit much, but you get what I’m saying). Seriously though, I understand how it seems when you’ve been grinding harder than Ginuwine in the ‘Pony’ video only to feel like someone who’s younger, taller, prettier, smarter, faster or richer is getting all the opportunities you’ve been dreaming and praying for. At times it has made me doubt my own gifts and talents.

But guys, the pity party is over. No more feeling sorry for myself. From now on, I’m betting on myself. I’m choosing myself. Once I realized I was standing in my own way, I moved. I became my biggest fan, routing myself on. Even in fear, I’m still betting on myself. I’m giving myself a chance to win and win big. Even understanding that I may not always win, I’ll still bet on myself.

Before I get outta here, I want to leave this with you…. ‘While there may always be someone who can do “it” better than you, you cannot allow that to keep you from doing what you know you’re good at. That’s why there are different restaurants, different malls, different cars, different cell phone providers your market is tailor-made for you. Be encouraged not to give up and no matter what stay focused on your assignment.