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Well we made it to Friday!  TGIF!!!

Today's feature is Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

I started following Marie on IG long before I even met her.  I had an opportunity to meet her in personal at the Bfab Awards hosted by Tastemaker Magazine, however, I punk'd out and let the door close.  Anywho!  I was really excited when I reached out to her and she agreed to allow me to feature her on the Feature Friday series.  Oh! I finally did meet Marie this past week at the Pose N Post Symposium with Chrisette Michele.  

I must say I really enjoyed talking with Marie.  Check out our conversation...

* What's your best character trait?
     Hummm.... I can be goofy.  I try not to take myself so serious.  I try to have fun with everything.  Especially while taking pictures.  If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it my way.

* What's your personal style? 
     My personal style has evolved greatly.  I'm currently in the mist of my own personal style journey.  I feel like if I tell my readers to try something, then maybe I should try it to.  However, I like to keep the girlfriend tone to my look, kinda laid back. 

* What's your fave fashion accessory?

     Rings.  They are awesome and amazing.  I feel naked without my rings on.  And maybe my glasses (only because I need them.)  Although I'm starting to make a conscious effort to grow my prescription eye glass collection this year.  

*  If you weren't blogging full time, what would you still be doing?

     Probably working in retail, since that's what I was doing before.  I'd probably be someone's die-hard retail manager or exec in retail.  That's what I thought I was suppose to do.  I've held almost every retail position since the age of 15.   

* What inspires you?

     I'm inspired by various different things.  Really what inspires me is seeing and supporting other young black women or women in general.  Seeing them chase their dreams.  I've always been drawn to head strong, goal oriented or impassioned women.  Their drive motivates me.  It lets me know that I can achieve excellence.  I think being surrounded by these type of women has gotten me to the place where I am now.

* What do you say to that young curvy girl who's struggling with self image?

     You're not an accident.  It's not a foreign concept of why you are the way you are.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  Don't get caught up in what the next girl looks like, you may miss your blessing.  We all struggle with self image, it's how you learn to find your own voice in the mist of all the other voices.  The trick is to stay true to yourself.  

* Do you feel like you've made an impact in the plus size community?

     I feel like I've made some kind of impact.  If I've helped one woman see herself in a more positive light, then I've done more than I've expected.  However, in my mind I still have a ways to go.  I look to the Gwen DeVoe's and the Sharon Quinn's of the plus size community that inspires me to grow and be all that I can be.  

I really enjoyed speaking with Marie.  One thing she said that really stuck out to me was that everyone has their own journey and we shouldn't allow the media or social media to minimize our start based on where we see them now.  Everyone had to start somewhere.

If you're not already following The Curvy Fashionista, you should be

Thrifted Vintage

Hi there Stylenista's

So last year I learned of an event named B.Fab Awards hosted by Tastemaker Magazine.  After reading up on what this event was about, I definitely made it my business to attend the next one.  Next year I'll be a nominee in the category of Best Style Thrifter.

As a stylist, it was of the utmost importance that my attire for the evening was on point.  I never know whom I'll meet.  After much pining and back and forth with myself about what to wear I settled on this black and cream polka dot vintage dress.  The awesome thing about this dress is the price.  Since the sales associate was trying to flirt with me, he didn't charge me the price of a formal dress.  Although nothing would have come of this little exchange, I'm all for saving a dollar.

Outfit Details
Dress - Goodwill - $7.00
Shoes - Charlotte Russe - ?
Fasinator Hat - Mall Boutique - $5.00

Blogger Award

Hey there Stylenista's

The weekend is over and I'm still trying to recover!  One of the events I attended this weekend was Tastemaker Magazine's B. FAB Awards.  It was my first time going so I was really hyped to see some of my favorite style bloggers.

I took quite a few pictures, so I made a mini video of some of the pictures that I took. ENJOY!