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Event Recap: Kami Cosmetics Mix, Mingle & Makeup Affair

"I believe that all women are pretty without makeup, but can be pretty powerful with the right makeup - Bobbi Brown."

It's been said time and time again, that beauty comes from within.  But it doesn't hurt to enhance one's outer appearance.  A few days ago I attended another one of Kami Cosmetics Mix, Mingle & Makeup Affair's.  This time around it was hosted by Shaunell Robinson Kennard or Ms. Conceited owner of Conceited Inc Lashbar.  s/n - The decor inside inside the Conceited lash bar is A-Maz-Ing job.  From the walls, to the ceiling, to the rooms - absolutely stunning.  

Being new to the makeup world, I wanted to start off basic.  So I purchased my first nude lip gloss from Kameka.  I'll admit I'm still trying to get the hang of applying any type of makeup correctly.  Aside from sampling a few of the products, enjoying the delightful good treats and networking; I look forward to the swag bags or in this case the swag Butterfly Box.  This box was loaded with goodies from varies business.  
Interested in Kami Cosmectics beauty products, shop online or the store The Glamatory

Oops! I almost forgot to let you see what I wore to this event.  I almost didn't add my #ootn because the photos weren't up to par, but what the heck... 

Top - Thrifted // Shorts - DIY // Shoes - ShoeDazzle  

Fashionably Noted Brunch

Whewww! What a weekend....  But I'm not going to complain, this is what I signed up for.  Anywho, on Sunday I attended the Fashionably Noted Brunch sponsored by Sapphire Inc PR.  I was excited to see that Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista and Kameka Johnson of Kami Cosmetics along with NaChera "Cherry" Brown and Toni Washington as the featured panelist.  

Since I'm transitioning from my 9-5 to full-time entrepreneurship I need all the advise and tips I can get.  Each of these ladies had some great advice to offer.  

  • Cherry said that if you're really serious about your business, you need to develop a business plan and get SWOT Analysis.  
  • Marie Denee's advise was to get a domain name.  There's nothing worst then coming up with your brand name only to find out that the domain name isn't available.  
  • With the different trends of makeup, Kami added that getting a good bronzer for your skin tone is important.  And that extreme contouring should be banished forever.
  • The most crucial piece to being successful is to find your voice and be consistent - Tony
Of course a lot more was said, however, these were the gems that spoke to me.  

I know, I know you were wondering what I wore.  This skirt was E-VER-Y-Thing and more.  It was kinda a lot to deal with, but - it was all worth it.

Outfit Details
Top, Belt, Skirt, Handbang - Thrifted
Scarf - H&M

P.S. Always! Always Believe in your brand!!!!!!

Event Recap: Kami Cosmetics Mix, Mingle & Makeup Affair

Let me first start off by stating the obvious.... I don't wear makeup.  Nothing against it, I just prefer my natural beauty.  The closest thing to makeup for me is lip gloss.  I attended Kami Cosmetics Mix, Mingle & Makeup Affair in hopes of getting some advice on a natural colored lip gloss  that would compliment my skin tone.  After sampling a few colors I ended up getting "Go Bare" #137 and a little jar of the sugar lip scrub.

The makeup world is so fascinating to me, I watched Kiwithebeauty get her brows done by Rachel of RachelOBeauty.  I ran into Tekela M of Naturallykela and a few other bloggers and vloggers.  I was kinda stoked that designer Natt Taylor remembered me from an event a few years back.  

One of my short term goals is to own my boutique.  I've already planned out how I want the interior to look.  Now I'll have to add a glitter wall because the glitter wall that Mimi Johnson, owner of The Glamatory, had in her Makeup Shoppe was absolutely amazing!

Here's a few pics from the event.  Enjoy and Thanks for reading!!!!!!