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FEATURE Friday w/ Kiwi The Beauty

As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"  
Today's feature for this FEATURE Friday is KiSheyna of 

I met Kiwi just a little over a year ago and from day one she's been real.  I found her to be down to earth and full of blogger knowledge.  Our conversation went a little like this....

*What were your life plans before you started blogging?
     ~ I was going to college to be a publicist.  To past the time away, because there wasn't as many of the current social media platforms of today, I starting blogging.  

* How has blogging affected your life?

     ~ Blogging has effected a big part of my life, mainly my income.  Through blogging, I've experienced some great opportunities.  So much so that if I'd have gone the PR route I don't think I would have encountered them.  It has changed my life dramatically.  It's almost surreal at times just looking at where writing has taken me...  I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! 

* What are some of your greatest blogging accomplishments

     ~ Oh gosh!  Being on billboards for Miss Jessie's, magazine features and more recently, making the cover of It's My Hair! Magazine.

* What do you like least about blogging?

     ~ Editing!  Don't get me wrong, blogging is beautiful.  It's just that this piece can be the most time consuming piece.

* Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

     ~ I guess that depends on how social media goes... Definitely blogging to my highest potential.  Having an extremely high reach, over the 100k mark.  Making six figures all while continuing to create a brand from my blog.  I would really be doing myself a disservice if I wasn't operating with multiple streams of income.  This is my goals  

* Being a social media-lite, what would you do if social media didn’t exist?

     ~ Social media effects not just bloggers, but everybody.  Without it a lot of people would be lost.  Social media is how we connect with people.  It has changed the game for quite a bit of people.

* Describe Kiwi in one word?

     ~ Creative

* As a blogger, what would you say is your area of expertise?

     ~ Being a creative being, I don't have any one specific area.  My niche is media, beauty and lifestyle blogger

* What advise do you have for rising bloggers? 

     ~ Don't get caught up on what other bloggers are doing or social media numbers.  Don't be intimidated.  In the blogging community, there's enough room for us all.  And most importantly, be willing to learn.  Read books, take workshops, even attend conferences.  If you don't believe in your brand, no one else will.

Photo Cred: ZOA Photography

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Recap: "Black Women In Publication" Awards

I was invited to attend It's My Hair! "Black Women In Publication" Awards earlier this month.  As a new blogger it was a great opportunity to be able to meet and greet a few lady's that I've found though social media and having been following and admiring their work ever since.  One person in particular was I'sha Gaines, Founder & Editor in Chief of HoneybeNatural Magazine.  Although I've only meet her twice, she is a super awesome person.  Even giving me advise on some little photography tricks.

This event was awe inspiring to be able to see and meet young black women being recognized for something positive.  It gives me hope for our little brown girls.  Girl Power!!!!!!!!!!

The award recipients consisted of:
Denisha Hardeman, Actress & Author of 8 Lanes
Monifa Coffee, Publisher & Editor in Chief of Texture Magazine
Francheska Felder, Editor in Chief  of Swagher Magazine
Courtney Danielle Stradford & Nickecia Alder, Founders of Black Girl Fly Mag
Malissa Lockhart-Ford, Publisher & Editor in Chief of Midwest Black Hair Magazine
Chimere Norris, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief of Naturally Happy Hair Magazine
Yolanda Renee, Founder of Etcetera Blog Mag
Mechal Roe, Author of Happy Hair Girls
Lillie Young, Author of The Purple Cinderella

Oh! Btw, your girl is thrifted on the red carpet.