how to dress when you're broke

How to look Stylish, even when you're BROKE!!!

Raise your hand if you've ever been broke?  My hand is raised...  Honestly, I've been broke (temporary out of funds) quite a few times.  But never had I ever wanted to look like I was down and out and neither should you.  Let's talk about how not to look broke even if you are...
*Disclaimer:  I am going to very direct, but it's only for your good...!

#1 -  Beauty and Hygiene

     Bathe EVERYDAY! Put on some deodorant and maybe some perfume (if you can).  Brush your teeth! Keep some type of breath freshener on you at all times.  Keep your nails done, even if you have to do them yourself.  Do your hair, even if it's a ponytail; make sure it's neat.  Although I don't get my face beat to the gawds, I've invested in a few matte lipsticks and gloss just to add a little character to my look.  An effortless and well groomed look is the goal.

#2 - Accessorize

     When you're strapped for cash and your shopping budget is non-existent, accessories are the way to go.  Adding a cute statement necklace into your wardrobe can be worn to complete a day or night time look.  During the cooler months, a scarf can do the trick as well.  When you have the extra cash hit up stores like my fave a good 'ol thrift store, Charlotte Russe, Forever21, Ross, T.J. Maxx  or Marshalls to build your accessory collection.  Check out how I styled this statement necklace from I Heart Jewelz.

#3 - Be Basic

    Sometimes it's okay to be basic....  What do I mean?  A plain look is better than being overly dressed-up.  Even though some people will say otherwise, every occasion doesn't always require you to be red carpet ready.  It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it.  For instance, this look below may not be a slay outfit of the day, but it's simple and causally cute.  Style doesn't have to be expensive.  This outfit, excluding the shoes was less than $10.00 - #thrifted!

#4 - Dress for your shape not your size

     We all come in many shapes and sizes; which means not every brand, no matter how much we like it, is for us.  When you get an opportunity to go shopping, by clothes that are flattering to your shape.  Learn and understand how to accentuate your good areas and camouflage the other areas.  The better your clothes look on you, the better you look.

#5 -  Invest in foundation pieces

     In my opinion there are about 10 basic pieces to keep in your wardrobe (read here). Having the essentials is a game changer.  Now that being said, you don't necessarily need all 10 pieces.  Your version of style my not be my version of style.  So you should determine your wardrobe essentials based upon your own personal style.  When you look good, you feel good!

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