floral shoes

Springtime Ready

Hi Stylenista's

The weather in the "A" is starting to warm up and I can't wait to break out a few pieces that I thrifted during the cold months.  I've even started working on my shoes collection for spring '15.

Notice anything different?  You guess it!  My hair is slightly different.  Since I've been natural, I've only had my hair straightened twice.  I love my hair in it's natural state, I just wish I would have big chopped sooner.  My hair goal is to have a fro as big as the moon (kidding) but I would like for it to grow more.

When I thriftshop, I never look for anything in particular.  My goal is to find something super cute, different and multi-functional.  I was having a rough day at work so I decided that I needed a little resale therapy.  So as I meandered through the aisles, I came up on this emerald green full skirt - buying it was a no brainer.  Although I'm frugal when it comes to shopping, I had to go retail to get this black jacket.  Isn't it everything?  I really really liked how this look came together.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Outfit Details
Black Jacket - H&M - $50.00
Screen-T - Forever21 - $13.00
Full skirt - St. Vincent de Paul Duluth - $1.00
Scarf - H&M - $6.00
Shoes - ?