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FEATURE Friday: TP² Menswear Apparel

It's FEATURE Friday!!! 

Meet Tim Parks & Toney Powell of TP² Menswear Apparel

For some time now, women and female fashion has dominated the fashion world.  But men are quickly making their mark in this industry.  With New York Men's Fashion Week happening, I find it quick befitting to be styling (the lady's portion) in a men's apparel fashion show.  Tim Parks and Toney Powell of TP² Menswear Apparel will be hosting their first fashion show Saturday, July, 25th - EVOLUTION

TP² offers a variety of custom menswear pieces that will attract the attention of any fashion conscience man.  Their collection is a mixture of high fashion, trendy, bold, edgy, sexy and most importantly masculine garments.   

Check it out.......

Their pieces have graced the runway of Bloomingdale's "Mad About Fashion" Event; "Burlesque for Breasts, fundraiser event; Northside Cancer Institute "Wine, Women & Shoes" fundraiser; Bauder Black Tie Fashion show, just to name a few 


Passion For Fashion

Hi there Stylenista's

Happy Monday!  Today is the first day of fall and I can't wait to see the different looks this season will bring.  I, myself, am looking forward to styling a few pieces that I've thrifted over the spring/summer months.  

Speaking of styling, I was asked to assist in styling for a fashion show for a women's conference luncheon.  Now, I've styled for church fashion shows before, however, this show required a pinch of finesse.  All in all I had fun.

Check out pics of my look and a few of the styles I created...

Outfit Details
Short Sleeved Vintage Blazer - Thrifted - less than $2.50
High-Waisted Tuxedo Shorts - Thrifted - $Free (from a swap)
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle