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TCFStyleExpo: Event Recap!

Hey, what's up, hello...

I've been trying for weeks to get this recap posted, but I had issues with some of my video footage, so all I have for you guys are images... bummer!  I almost didn't post it but I wanted to let you all know what an awesome event this was.  

I can't remember how I came to know of Marie Denee, founder of The Curvy Fashionista and event host of TCF StyleExpo but when I did I knew I wanted to feature her on my Feature Friday series (click here for feature).  Me being a mini curvy fashionista (wink), I jumped at the opportunity to be able to work behind the scenes.  I've worked all types of events, but this one took the cake.  I was very impressed.  From the volunteers, vendors, panel guests and everything else in between.  I can't wait til next years expo.  

As a volunteer I wasn't able to cover the event like I wanted but check out my photo recap (Marie's recap here.) 


Whew!  We made it to Friday and not just any ol' Friday; it's FEATURE Friday and today's feature is Maui Bigelow of P.H.A.T Girl Fresh.

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with Maui and chit chat a bit about this and that.  We talked as if we were old gal pals.  She was very open and transparent about herself; see for yourself...

TSK - As a single parent, how to you balance motherhood and growing and maintaining your brand?

     PGF - Well my kids are at an age where they are really self-sufficient.  However, I make it a priority to never get so busy or overwhelmed to the point I'm not paying attention to them.  Me being a womens, women and my youngest being a girl; I incorporate her into my business.  Matter of fact, she's employed Daja at Phat Girl Fresh

TSK - What does PHAT represent?

     PGF - Passionate | Happy | Appreciative | True - These are characteristics that every women should have.

TSK - Do you have any restrictions when it comes to trends and your personal style?

     PGF - Although I watch trends, I don't follow them.  I say do what makes you happy and whatever you're comfortable with in regards to fashion.  There are ways to alter and manipulate clothing to fit your body type.  You have to find a way to be cute.

TSK - Tell me about "Life Styled"

     PGF - It's first a celebration of the Phat Girl Fresh brand anniversary.  Secondly, this event spotlights women who are in the business of empowering other women. 

TSK - Do you consider yourself a plus-size blogger or a blogger who just happens to be plus-size?

     PGF -  A blogger who is a plus-size.  I would really consider myself as a feminist lifestyle blogger, because everything that I do and everything about my blog is catered to the souls of sisters/women (all women).

TSK - Do you feel that you've "arrived"?

     PGF -  Honestly, I don't think that I've arrived.  I'm not sure I would even understand what arriving would feel like.  I do, however, appreciate the growth a lot.  I found an envelop that I guess dubbed as a vision board from 2012.  After reading over it, I realized that I had accomplish quite a bit since then.  And things are continuing to move upwards for me.  

*Words to live by: "Anything is possible" and "If you learn to live outside of your situation, you can overcome it."

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