Weekend of Fashion & Fun - The Jumper / pt. 3

Hey Stylenista's!  

Finally part 3 of my fun filled fashion weekend....  Click here for part 1 and part 2.

The conclusion of my weekend ended at a Trunk Show hosted by fellow fashion blogger Nikka Shae of Oh! Nikka.  Style ambassador Perrie Tucker gave us a sneak peak into the newest Lifestyle Brand collection by British Designer India Hicks.  The collection has quick a few pieces that I would have loved to have brought home with me, however, father's day is fast approaching and I have big plans for my boo that requires $$$.  

Anywho, on to the most important piece; my outfit!  Since I had been in heels all day the day before I opted for flats.  How cute are the pink and white oxfords?  Well since I had the shoe selection for the day, the next step was building the look.  After shopping my closet in my mind and one minor suggestion from my husband.... I give you: The Jumper!

Outfit Details
Top, Jumper & handbag - Thrifted
Bowtie - Canary48
Socks - Target




Destroyed Denim

Hello Stylenista's,

Last month I had a birthday - Yyyyeeeaaaa!!!  Although I'm a little picky and somewhat finicky it doesn't take a lot to make me happy.  I love my husband for all the effort he puts into making my day special.  Aside from what he gets me, I don't really expect anyone else to get me anything.  However, to my surprise my two thrift bff's (Tiffany @mrscuteasabutton and NeShanta @msstyleisshe) gifted me with some fabulous items.  One of my birthday gifts was this denim skirt and immediately I knew that I was going to destroy this skirt.  With little vision in mind and a giant pair of scissors I started cutting.  My husband was like you're just scissor happy; my reply was that it was going to be one of the best looking distressed skirts of all time.  After nearly loosing a finger and almost choking to death because of the bleach fumes - I  present to you............. Destroyed Denim!

Outfit Details
Top, Skirt, Belt, Wooden bangles - Thrifted
Handbag - Honestly Speaking Style (Heels on Wheels)
Shoes - Charlotte Russe

Second Time Around

Happy Thursday Stylenista's!

Does it make me bougie if I never wear the same thing the same way twice?  I'd like to think of it as cReAtIvE!  If you follow me on IG, FB or read my blog, then you'll remember this skirt from a few months ago (see here).  I'm a very colorful person so this skirt was absolutely made just for me.  With all the colors, the style options are limitless.  You will definitely see more of this skirt this season.

Side note, I really love this splash of color in my hair!  ;-)

Outfit Details
Top - Target
Skirt & belt - Thrifted
Shoes - JustFab