black in warmer months

Black On Black

Black... You can almost never go wrong wearing black.  It's bold, chic, elegant, slimming and goes with just about anything.  If styled properly, it will look good on anybody, any skin tone or hair color.  Black should be a staple item in everybody's closet.  Whether it be a LBD, a blazer or a pair of pants; it's essential.

I know some people kind of stay away from wearing black in the warmer months because "black attract heat".  Yea, if you're wearing a sweat suit combat boots and a hoodie!  Wearing darker colors in the warmer months require a little finesse.  The goal is to find pieces that allow the skin to breathe; light weight materials such as your silks, linens.  Don't dismiss the option to accessorize with bold statement pieces or a pop of color will do the trick too.    

Outfit Details                                                                   Outfit Details
Peplum top, skirt - Forever21                                            Jumpsuit, clutch - Thrifted            
Shoes - UrbanOG                                                             Shoes - Makemechic  
Belt - Thrifted                                                                  Necklace - Gifted
Accessories - Charlotte Russe                                            Accessories - Charlotte Russe

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