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I'm Cute-ola

Hi Stylenista's

I've gotten behind in my posts.... The life of a wife, mother and entrepreneur can get overwhelming somethings.  However, the reward is well worth it.

I attended one of my #thriftsister's birthday celebration and she requested that we wear something pink or purple with pearls.  So this is what I came up with.  I really had fun with this look.  The only thing not thrifted is the skirt.  I ordered the skirt from Sheinside.  Although it was really affordable, it took about 20 days for me to receive it in the mail.

Outfit Details
Denim Shirt - Park Ave Thrift - $2.00
Skirt - Sheinside - $13.00
Pearl Necklace - gifted - $0
Handbag - Purple Tigress - $5.00

Dots & Prints

Hey there Stylenista's

Happy Wednesday!  One more day and then it's Friday.

I'm not sure why, but I'm sooo looking forward to this fall season.  Maybe it's because I have a few pieces that I've been really anxious to wear (shrugs shoulders).  Anywho...

From all of my previous post, you should know that I really love mixing prints.  Today is no different.  What prints have you mixed together?

Outfit Details
Express Polka Dot Blazer - Gifted - Free for me
Black Forever21 tank - $1.90
Belt - Body Central - $1.90
Animal Print Skirt - Park Ave Thrift Duluth - 2.00
Shoes - ?

Shine Bright

Hi there Stylenista's

The weekend is over :-[ and time to go back to the work place.  Hope your weekend was full of excitement.

When I saw this top I was like, heck yea!  It actually came with a skirt, but I wasn't feeling the skirt so it was added to my boutique collection (it was sold at an event).  I really love colors so this outfit was fun to wear.

Outfit Details
Top - St. Vincent de Paul Duluth - $2.50
Pants - Thrift Store - $2.00
Shoes - Don't remember

Fall Colored

Hey Stylenista's

I'm really gettin' into this fall weather.  Although I still have some summer pieces I would like to wear, I'm really excited about my fall wardrobe.

Some people are of the mindset that fall and winter means dark and neutral colors.  I tend to wear fun colors year round.  Although I try to stay in the know of all the trends each year, I'm more comfortable creating my own trend #createyourownlook.

Check out my entire thrifted look (except the sock & shoes)

Outfit Details
Head Scarf - Park Ave Thrift Duluth - $.50
Cardigan - St. Vincent de Paul Chamblee - Free
T-Shirt - Thrift Store - $1.00
Skirt - Thrift Store - $2.00
Belt - Plato's Closet Duluth - $2.00
Shoes - Charlotte Russe - $?     

Hello Fall!

Hey Stylenista's

It's just a few days since the official start of fall and the weather is gorgeous.  My creative juices are over flowing, just wait and see...

While perusing the pants aisle at the thrift store, of course; I came across the pants.  I really liked the print and the color of the pants and I thought they would look cute on me, so I picked them up.  I made my way to the tops aisle and guess what I saw - the top.  Really! They tried me, but not this time.  I was on my thrifting game.  I'm going to see how many ways I can style both pieces.  Stay Tuned.

{Oh! A lot of times I have my son with me when I snapping away and he wants to get him a few shots in as well, so I let him have a least 1-2 shots.  Check out his cool after school look}.

*Thrifting Tip:  Be on the look out for separated sets.  Some thrift stores will try to sale them as separate pieces in order to get more money.  I got caught like this before and learned my lesson.*        

Outfit Details
Vintage Two-piece set - $1.75 - Park Ave Thrift Woodstock
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle