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7 Ways To Slay Your New Year's Eve

Yahoo!!! Christmas is finally here and I'm soo excited.  Why you ask?  Because I got to chill all day in my t-shirt and sweats.  My husband and I were invited over to a friends house for games and such, but I couldn't bring myself to part from my T and sweats....

Now that we've made it through the 12 days of Christmas, we have one more holiday countdown - New Year's.  We are 7 days away from 2016.  I've never really been to concerned about what to wear on NYE, but this year for some reason I wanted to do something a little different.  So I headed over to search the archives of some of my favorite style bloggers for some inspiration.  Hopefully these looks will inspire you as well.  Take a look...

Just in case you're not in the mood to wear a LBD, a jumpsuit is always a good choice.  Chloe (left, The Chloe Brand) added a splash of color to her look with this red fringe necklace.  While Cari Rene (right, Layllah) looks absolutely stunning in this classy, chic one-piece.  Both looks would def work for an after 5 New Years Eve celebration.    

Chastity (Garner Style) one of my favorite style bloggers looks amazing in this body con dress.  There isn't anything that I've seen her in that I didn't like.  Now you may be thinking that the dress isn't cold weather friendly, but step back a bit and image this dress styled with a sequin blazer and strapy heeled sandal or as pictured because let's face it...  Chastity is wearing this dress!

I'm not a huge fan of lace, but this lace shirt dress worn by Thida ((That Girl Gick)) has me rethinking my stance on wearing lace. This look says I'm just getting off work on NYE and I don't have time to go home and change.  The white coat, red clutch and statement necklace took this look from blaaa to bomb.  Party on!!!!

Being a thrifter myself I can most assuredly appreciate a thrifter with style.  Patrice (Looking Fly On A Dime) not only is able to create a stylish look, she was able to do so all while on a budget.  This head-to-toe thrifted ensemble is #dope.  A moto jacket, a sequin embellished top over a skater skirt with tight and pumps; you can't go wrong.  

2015 was rough and you've made up your mind that 2016 you're going to grab by the horns and make it your &*)^%....  You want to start the New Year off right and what better way then to step out in a "hello world" statement making look.  I lloovvveee this look on Juliette (Romeo's Fashion Fix).  It makes me want to throw caution to the wind and do it.....!  

So what you're not an out of the box person.  That doesn't mean you still can look fabulous.  The timeless little black dress is a must have in your closet.  How breathtaking is this LBD styled by Busola (The Fashion Stir Fry)?  Sometimes it's the little details that make a big deal.  *S/N: Busola has the cutest dimple.

These looks are just a little inspiration to help you in your quest to look incredible at your New Year's Eve celebration.  

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Road Ready

Hi Stylenista's!

"I say, dress to please yourself.  Listen to your inner muse and take a chance.  
Wear something that says 'Here I Am Today" - Iris Apfel

I totally agree with this quote.  Life is too short to be concerned with what others have to say about you.  Live life to the fullest. 

For a little over 2 years now, I've been on a journey.  I set out for one purpose and along the way I've learned new things about myself that I never knew existed.  So far this has been a most interesting experience.  Now when on a journey you have got to have great footwear... And I knew the moment I laid eyes on these metal heeled boots, that they would call my closet home.  As usually everything else is #thrifted.

Outfit Details
Blazer - Cherokee Rose Shoppe - $?
Denim - Park Ave Thrift Duluth - $1.50
Cargo Pants - Park Ave Thrift Outlet Woodstock - $1.25
Lug Boots - Makemechic 



Cute As A... I'm Just Cute

Hello Stylenista's!

Wow! We're already in the February.  Time waits for no one.  I'm so excited to see what this year will bring.  I'm destine for purpose, therefore I'm purpose driven.

Today's post is totally "thrifted,"  actually each piece came from various boutiques.

Outfit Details
Plaid Coat - Diva Diva Boutique - $16
Vintage Dress - Red Tag Affair - $15
Red Shoes - Rag-O-Rama - $10

Dress For Success!!!

Hi Stylenista's

Last year I was invited to speak to a group of young lady's about the importance of dressing for success.  They liked me so much that they invited me back.  I was nervous because I'm not a public speaker and I never know how my audience will receive me.  Although I've gotten a lot better, I still get nervous.  In the past whenever I'd have to get in front of people and speak my underarms would get really sweaty (eww gross).  I would also have the widest smile on my face for no reason.  It was really embarrassing.  I've even been to the point where I had forgotten my own name.  Thank God for growth.

This pic below is the group of young lady's that I spoke to.

80's Girl

Hi there Stylenista's

I had a fun filled weekend.  Saturday I attended Thrifting Atlanta's monthly bus tour hosted by Keren Charles of TwoStylishKays.  Although I must admit by the fourth stop I was pooped, however, I was not going to be defeated and miss out on an awesome find.

I think I'm in love with vintage fashion. - the conservative look of the 30's - the classic look of the 40's - the tailored look of the 50's - the mod look of the late 60's - not a fan of the 70's, except for the natural hair movement and the vibrant colors of the 80's.  As far a today's fashion goes, most of it is a recreation of past fashion era's.

Getting to my outfit... This blazer was a must have.  I got it while attending an event earlier this year.  My favorite part about this blazer are the different colored striped buttons.  I went back and forth about wearing this pleated hounds-tooth mini but as you can see I wore it.

Outfit Details
80s Blazer - Styleissheonline - $15.00
Pleated hounds-tooth skirt - Plato's Closet Duluth - $8.00
Handbag - Goodwill - $2.00
Head scarf  - St. Vincent de Paul Duluth - $1.00

Throw Back Thursday

Hi there Stylenista's

It's the weekend and I have a fun filled fashionable weekend ahead of me.  Of course I'll provide pics of my weekend next week.

Although I live, breathe and dream fashion and style, I still work a 8-5 to support my shopping addiction.  Thursday was throwback Thursday at work, so I decided to rep the 80's.  I almost forgot so I had to rush and put something together and this is what I came up with.

*Photo Cred's: my co-worker

Outfit Details
DIY Shirt - Walmart - $4.00
Armwear - the scraps from the shirt and the pants - Free
Shoes - Asics - Gifted


Fall Colored

Hey Stylenista's

I'm really gettin' into this fall weather.  Although I still have some summer pieces I would like to wear, I'm really excited about my fall wardrobe.

Some people are of the mindset that fall and winter means dark and neutral colors.  I tend to wear fun colors year round.  Although I try to stay in the know of all the trends each year, I'm more comfortable creating my own trend #createyourownlook.

Check out my entire thrifted look (except the sock & shoes)

Outfit Details
Head Scarf - Park Ave Thrift Duluth - $.50
Cardigan - St. Vincent de Paul Chamblee - Free
T-Shirt - Thrift Store - $1.00
Skirt - Thrift Store - $2.00
Belt - Plato's Closet Duluth - $2.00
Shoes - Charlotte Russe - $?     

Hello Fall!

Hey Stylenista's

It's just a few days since the official start of fall and the weather is gorgeous.  My creative juices are over flowing, just wait and see...

While perusing the pants aisle at the thrift store, of course; I came across the pants.  I really liked the print and the color of the pants and I thought they would look cute on me, so I picked them up.  I made my way to the tops aisle and guess what I saw - the top.  Really! They tried me, but not this time.  I was on my thrifting game.  I'm going to see how many ways I can style both pieces.  Stay Tuned.

{Oh! A lot of times I have my son with me when I snapping away and he wants to get him a few shots in as well, so I let him have a least 1-2 shots.  Check out his cool after school look}.

*Thrifting Tip:  Be on the look out for separated sets.  Some thrift stores will try to sale them as separate pieces in order to get more money.  I got caught like this before and learned my lesson.*        

Outfit Details
Vintage Two-piece set - $1.75 - Park Ave Thrift Woodstock
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle

The Office...

Hi There Stylenista's

It's officially fall and the weather in Atlanta is uugghhh!  I remember when I took these pics, it was hot.  I had to find a nice shady area so that I wouldn't have sweat dripping from my face. As always, my look is thrifted.  Creating different looks for penny's on a dollar is sooo rewarding.  

Outfit Details...
Blouse - Purple Tigress - $5.00
Skirt - B & R Thrift - $2.50
Shoes - Charlotte Russe - $ can't remember

 Black Skirt