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Bold. Be Fabulous. Be You - Natasha Bernard


Can you get into these fabulous palazzo pants sown and styled by stylenista Natasha.
Check out our conversation....

* How did you come into sowing as a hobby?  What's your best work yet?

     I first learned to sew in home economics class back in high school.  Once I entered into college, sewing got pushed to the back burner.  I was inspired to start sewing again after viewing a few sewing blogs.  At least 30% of my wardrobe contains pieces that I've sewn including my best work yet; which are these magenta colored Italian wool palazzo pants. OMG, they are my go-to, my staple, my most prized possession.  I can be 70 and I will still be rocking them.

* What's your signature style?

     I'm very diverse.  My style can be put three categories: urban, vintage modern and sophisticated chic infused with lots of colors and prints.

* As an interior designer, how often do you redesign or revamp your home or work space?

     My approach whether it's interior or fashion is from a modern perspective.   When I establish my wardrobe or an element of my home, my mind set it to be modern enough to be able to transition for years to come.

* Does your family express your enthusiasm for style and fashion the way that you do?

     My husband is a very conservative dresser.  I'm trying to get him to incorporate more color into his wardrobe.  Although, he has peaked outside the box a little bit.  My son, on the other hand, has inherited my fashion sense.  I think he's going to be a dabber / debonair type of dude.  At 5, he's already aware of his appearance.

* If I looked in your closet, how would I find it arranged?

     By color, then by function.

* Heels or Flats

     Although I'm not that crazy for shoes, I still love shoe a good shoe.  My preference is more of a classic approach.  I have a nice selection of flats, however, my favorite shoe type are pumps.  I love a classic pointed toe pump.

* What's your favorite season as far as fashion goes?

     Fall, I like being able to layer.  In the fall you can still incorporate some of your spring/summer pieces into your fall look.

* You have fabulous photos.  Who does your photography?

     Believe it or not, my husband.  I have to give credit to my husband (who has no training) and the settings on my camera (with minimal editing).

* Fashion Fab Style Academy... What's the motivation behind this venture?

     I've always looked at my blog as brand.  So I wanted to do something to expand it.  Since I was always giving out advise, I thought it would be a good idea to have a symposium.  This would be my platform to give style tips, demonstrate how to style for your body type and how to integrate colors and prints into your wardrobe from my prospective.

I would like to thank Natasha Bernard of Fashionably Fabulous for her time and advice. 
Twitter: @fashionfabstyle